Where I Want To Be In 5 Years

I’ve been a ~bad blogger~ and have so many broken links on my old blog posts so for the past couple of months I have been slowly going through them and updating them so the Google doesn’t hate me. In this quest, I came across this blog post I wrote in 2015 about where I want to be in 5 years. Hilarious that I wrote this blog in hopes that it would hold me accountable, but I just ended up forgetting about it. Let’s see how I did:

I want to be promoted within my company.
Nailed it! I was promoted through that company just a few years ago anddddddddd

But I want to be relocated, in five years I don’t want to be living in New Jersey anymore.
Was relocated when I was promoted! And got to live in New Hampshire for two wonderful years.

I want to have a dog.
Did it again! We have Kaya now.

I want to be living in my own apartment.

I want to be a better person.
Probably a debatable goal but I think I’m a lot better than I was in 2016.

Here were some things I wouldn’t mind happening:

I wouldn’t mind being engaged, but I don’t think I would want to be married just yet.
I’m in the ballpark basically.

I wouldn’t mind having a place where I can have my own garden (maybe a house?)
I do have my own garden!

I wouldn’t mind living in an apartment with a best friend or boyfriend.
Yes, been living with my boyfriend for years now.

I wouldn’t mind having more than one dog and other pets 
We actually plan to add another dog to the family soon and we have a leopard gecko!

I wouldn’t mind if that relocation was to the south.
Well, sorry about that self, but you’re back in New Jersey and you never went South.

I’m actually appalled by my ability to set realistic goals for myself and absolutely crush them. It’s really nice to be able to look back on your life and see your wants and needs and see that you have done it all. So, in the hopes that I still have this blog in 5 years, here’s where I want to be in 5 years:

I want to be married (I know, this is probably shocking)

I would like to have 2 dogs

I would like to feel more comfortable in my career or on a new career path

I want to own a home

I want to actually have a fitness routine

I wouldn’t mind living in New England, but I know this is a stretch

I would like a new fancy car

I would like my boyfriend and I to be financially stable

I would like to grow my own vegetables

I wouldn’t mind having chickens!

If I’m not living in New England, I’d like to be on my way to buying a cabin up there

So, where do YOU see YOURSELF in five years?

24 thoughts on “Where I Want To Be In 5 Years

  1. This is so cool! You really have nailed it, haven’t you!?

    Is it bad that I don’t have any real notable 5 year goals other than the vague “have more travel/adventures under my belt”? I’m quite satisfied with my job, house, pets, car… I don’t think I’ll be wanting kids within that time frame and I’m happy with my health (actually maybe within
    5 years I’ll actually start going to the doctors more regularly and not just when something’s wrong)… does that make me a lazy human?

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  2. This is very cool! It’s funny because I have a long-term goals list on my phone, but it didn’t really have a time frame. I was aiming for 2-3 years. Having a list helps me stay on track 🙂

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  3. It’s so cool you’ve done a post like this! I think it’s fun you’ve reflected back – congrats on the promotion and the house! Can’t wait to read the next one in another five years! 😆

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  4. It’s funny, I searched WordPress for the term “where do you see yourself in 5 years” as I’ve only been asked it by Psychologists and Managers. It’s never been a good thing, and yesterday I was asked by my partner a similar thing (not quite 5 years though) and it took me off guard.

    Glad I’m not the only one! Usually “alive” is on that list as it’s been a close call before. Not too much to ask, I hope

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