It’s Not Always 50/50

I recently read some Twitter wisdom that really stuck with me. When it comes to relationships, everyday won’t be 50/50. Some days will, but some days all he will have is 10 and you gotta give 90 but it’s okay. Because some days all you’ll have is 10 and he’ll give 90.

I rarely feel like my relationship is 50/50 and it’s the weight of my end that I can’t carry. It makes me feel so guilty to think that I put so much on boyfriend daily. I struggle with basic tasks when my anxiety strikes, I’ve always been a little selfish because of what I’ve been through in my past, and I’m undeniably lazy.

But that’s my point of view. If you asked him, he’d name all the things I do for him. He’d count out all the days where I’ve given 80 when he’s only had 20. And maybe my bad days outweigh his, but I definitely do give sometimes. Even though it’s hard for me to give.

It’s about sacrifice, it’s about give and take. Relationships aren’t always 50/50 and they aren’t always easy. It requires work and effort to keep a relationship blooming and happy. When you get comfortable, it’s easy to lose sight of the effort you really need to be putting in to ensure your partner is happy. When you both resort to scrolling through your phones all night after work instead of having a conversation over dinner, it’s time to realize what you’re putting in and what more you can be doing.

How others see your relationship, how your partner sees your relationship, and how you see your relationship can all be very different. Which is why communication is important and why we all need to pick up the slack sometimes.

13 thoughts on “It’s Not Always 50/50

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Sometimes we put pressure on our partner due to our high expectations of how the relationship should be, without us realizing that we aren’t being realistic! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  2. I think relationships can be 50/50 but individual hours and days can never be. A good relationship is just being there for each other and perhaps not worrying about who is giving what percentage. And it is definitely all about communication. Put the phone down and have a chat, or go for a walk. Much better.

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  3. Lovely words. So true. Sometimes all we have is 10. Communication is key during such days. We need to let our partner know why we’re not quite there so they understand and don’t feel like they’re picking up unfair slack. 🙏

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