7 Year Blogiversary

7 years of blogging and I think I’ve seen it all!

I feel like I joined WordPress before the height of blogging/influencers even really peaked. When I first started this blog, WordPress was comprised of mostly small communities and very little of the bloggers in those communities were writing on their blogs to get paid. It’s almost come full circle in that time, many of us write just because we like writing and we like our little communities.

I dabbled in the paid side of blogging for a while, but honestly it just was never my goal to get famous and I really can’t figure out how placing ads on this platform works anyway lol.

It’s safe to say that a lot can happen in 7 years, I think it’s especially a huge time of growth in your 20’s. At 21, I was living a COMPLETELY different life than I am now. So naturally my blog changed direction in that time. I used to primarily write about relationships, the hook up culture, and break ups. It was actually nice to have a niche because I find it extremely difficult to narrow myself and now my blog is a mishmosh of the life of Rosie.

But again, I don’t really have any huge goals here. Just want to write some of my chaotic thoughts down and see if they resonate with anyone. I did just recently have to upgrade my WordPress plan because I ran out of photo space so we’re making some progress here.

So happy 7 year blogiversary to me! If I make it to 10 years I’m really going to feel old.

20 thoughts on “7 Year Blogiversary

  1. Congrats on seven years, and hopefully many more! I’m also out of space for photos, but I’m fighting hard not to upgrade, and am instead deleting extra photos or stock photos.

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