Meet Safida!

A few weeks ago, I showed my boyfriend a picture of this dog available for adoption and he said we could go look at him. Reader, my mouth dropped.

That’s when we first started weighing out if we could get another dog. I’ve always wanted to save allll the animals, but realistically we rent and are still young and building our savings. But now that I knew it was on the table, I was excited.

Unfortunately, the dog I showed him didn’t work out with our current dog, Kaya. Kaya is quite particular and dainty, she needed a relatively quiet dog that could understand her cues.

That brings me to Safida! She came from Afghanistan back in April and is a nervous wreck around humans. Her behavior actually reminded us of Kaya when we first got her. Kaya wouldn’t go into certain rooms, downstairs, or cuddle us. Safida is worse than that in the sense that everything makes her jump, but better in the sense that she LOVES dogs.

Safi follows Kaya’s every move like a little sister. If we can’t get her out for a walk, we leash you Kaya. If we can’t get her in her crate, we send in Kaya first.

Getting a new pup is a reminder as to why I could never have kids 😂 We knew it was going to be hard and no, I’m not enjoying being woken up at 5 am every day. But we see progress and that’s all that matters because Saf has puzzle pieced her way into our home so perfectly.

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