Imposter Syndrome Strikes Again

When it comes to my career, I’ve always felt like I was just going wherever life takes me. It’s been hard to carve out a path.

I recently left the job I got after getting laid off and started a new job. Getting laid off was a really big blow, I had been with the company for over 4 years and it was really all I knew.

I was extremely nervous to start a new job after getting laid off. I was starting all over and unfortunately, if you don’t have a great foundation to start with along with support from your coworkers, the nerves and doubt just grow and grow.

I moved on from that job because I was nervous I was putting myself in a place mentally that I wouldn’t really recover from. Starting my new job, I felt like my head was underwater for the first week.

But as the days have gone on, things have improved. I always struggle with wanting to be good at things as soon as I start them, just ask the hundreds of hobbies I’ve abandoned. I just keep reminding myself that no one knows everything on day 1 and this new job is truly a growth opportunity so I need to accept that I will be learning and probably failing from time to time.

I admit, imposter syndrome got me good at first, but hopefully it won’t defeat me.

4 thoughts on “Imposter Syndrome Strikes Again

  1. I feel this so much. (As you know, I just wrote about it.) One thing that has helped me this time is everyone else encouraging me, but then again, it makes me wonder why they have confidence in me but I don’t. 🙂

    I’m just trying to have good days and notice when good things happen and hope that someday, I’ll feel it.

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