Thoughts On Getting A Second Dog

I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m obsessed with my dog Kaya. We have had her for almost 4 years and she really is our baby. She always makes me happy, even on my worst days.

When we started thinking about getting a second dog, I was really nervous about what that meant for Kaya. As an only child who is constantly loved on by her parents, how would she react with another dog in the house? And I didn’t want to be selfish and get another dog just for me.

To some degree, it was a selfish decision because I know that one day down the road we would lose Kaya and I think that pain would be a little more manageable with another dog. But I also know that a second younger dog can keep your first dog happier and more active, so that was a big factor.

I truly forgot how hard it is to bring a new dog into the house. Safida is unique because she is so scared of everything, we had the added difficulty of getting her to warm up to us. She’s been a little more open to me rather than my boyfriend, but it’s still a struggle to get her on her leash, walk her, or even teach her anything because of her fear.

Did I know getting a second dog would be difficult? Of course! Did that prepare me for 3 weeks of getting woken up every hour on the hour? Nope.

But overall it was a great decision. If it’s something you’ve been mulling over and you’re financially able, I would say go for it! I think it only benefits you and your existing dog, it’s just a lot of work!

5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Getting A Second Dog

  1. My husband already had a dog when we first started dating and I had a bunny. 🙂 When my bun passed away I was ready for a dog of my own. We ended up rescuing a 6 month old Catahoula mix from the ASPCA and she too had issues. She can be quite aggressive still with other pets and people she doesn’t know, but she has brought so much joy to our little family. She has also taught my husband’s hound how to play! He wasn’t interested in any kind of toy or pretend wrestling until we rescued her. Dogs really are pack animals, so if you are able to have more than one I think it’s definitely for the best.

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