Chaotic Good

In the last month I have:

  1. Adopted a new dog
  2. Quit my job
  3. Started a new job
  4. Got engaged

I basically took the yes theory to the next level and decided to pack in many major life decisions in one month. Less to worry about later, right?

I have major anxiety over having to think about things for long periods so any time I can minimize the amount of time spent thinking something to death is a great thing. Getting Saf took about 2 weeks from application to adoption. Getting my new job took about 2 weeks from interview to acceptance, and then another 2 weeks to finally start. And getting engaged was about 2 months of waiting.

Hopefully this means that I packed all of my stress into about a month and a half and can just enjoy my holiday season! If you’re looking for a sign to say yes to something, here’s a blog post telling you that life’s not guaranteed so do the all the things that will make you happy!

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