Don’t Spend NYE With Your Ex

It’s inevitable that some of our friends are still friends with our ex. You probably met your ex through a friend or they all became buddy-buddy while you were dating.

So you still see them every once in a while on your Facebook timeline, and you still hear stories about them when you’re out to dinner, and you still run into them at parties.

I get some people are friends with their exes, but I think in most cases there is still a tiny bit of bad blood. It’s just hard to break something off that had so many emotions involved without feeling hurt in some way.

And although you still have some sort of contact with your ex and it’s unavoidable, you do not have to spend New Years Eve with them.

I think I would rather sit at home alone and eat my hair than go to a New Years Eve party with an ex. Why? Because either you’re going to end up kissing each other or you’re going to end up kissing other people in the same room as each other….weird. OR one of you ends up kissing nobody while the other is kissing somebody and can you imagine how that would feel?

Check out the invite list to your NYE party and click do not attend if you see an ex attending. Because why would you want to ring in the new year with your past? You might as well be re-living the year you broke up all over again.

27 thoughts on “Don’t Spend NYE With Your Ex

  1. So true. The only ex I would ever attend a party with on NYE is my first serious girlfriend who it took me 15 years to be able to talk to again without any hard feelings or left over feelings. Now she is one of my better friends.

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    1. Ah it would be sooo hard for me to be good friends with an ex. I was invited to the same party as an ex and we both still have bad feelings toward each other so I will not be attending if he is haha

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      1. I will share something with you. I don’t usually tell people this but…. My ex-husband is married to my sister. Yes! You read that right!!! We have a son together too… I actually pity my sister being married to him…. And I pity him being married to her. I’m the winner in that relationship! ā¤ļø

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      2. You’re so sweet. I had to come to term with it. It was hard.. But I realized I loved my boy more than I hated what they did.
        šŸ™‚ Thank you for the sweet words. No parties with them, tho šŸ˜‰

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  2. Most of my ex’s always made sure that i wasn’t invited to parties they were attending. I was at a party once where I suddenly spied an ex. Right I thought, I’ll kee a low profile. Chat to a couple of freinds. I stood by a shelf. The whole room was candle-lit. It was iin m more hippy days when I had masses of long (ugly) hair. Suddenly, people started staring at me and began screeming. My hair had caught fire from a candle. That was the end of the low profile. I quickly left the party.

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    1. omg lol that is so funny! It sounds like something that would happen to me, I always try to keep a low profile especially when I spy an ex, then I end up doing something super embarrassing. Not being invited to parties they’re attending is definitely for the better!


  3. I have an ex husband who I share grandkids with he and his wife. I would not wish to be kissing in the new year with any exes. I may be friends with them because it is good to have cordial manners but not party friends. šŸ™‚

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  4. Hi Rosieeek,
    Thank you so very much for subscribing to my blog. I am touched and excited. If you send me your Pinterest name, I can invite you to join our group Pinterest board. Thanks again and welcome!

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  5. I think friendships with exes mostly depends on how the relationship ended. For me, I was usually the one ending them and mostly because I thought we WERE better friends than anything else. So going to parties with them after was never really a problem. But I can’t say that will ALWAYS be the case. Feelings make things very complicated sometimes.

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    1. Very true! Most of my relationships ended with hard feelings, but there are one or two people I stayed “friends” with. We’re friendly, but I wouldn’t want to see them at a party haha


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