The Excitement Never Ends

Remember how I wrote about how getting engaged, a new dog, and a new job in one month was….kind of a lot?

Well I just couldn’t let myself stop there, could I? On the second day of December I woke up feeling kind of crampy and wasn’t too concerned. I closed out of a 1:30 meeting and said to myself, “wow my stomach REALLY hurts.”

I didn’t have much of an appetite, but I ate anyway. And that’s when my day went into a downward spiral. My stomach pain was SEVERE, I was doubled over and immediately had to get in the bathtub to relieve it. Great, a stomach flu. With the pain came debilitating nausea and a long time puking in the bathroom.

As a woman, I feel like our pain is often dismissed. So even though I was ~truly suffering~ I didn’t think much about it. Until Matt came home and was horrified by the pain I was in.

So we went to the hospital and turns out I just about checked every box for appendicitis. After hours of waiting for scan results and a truly terrible sleepless night, I got my appendix removed.

Everyone says it’s such a small easy surgery, so honestly I would hate to see what a serious surgery feels like. I was SO nervous and woke up after feeling like I was hit by a bus.

I’m grateful Matt pushed me to go to the hospital, and I was VERY grateful for the wealth of female physicians and care providers I saw in the beginning who took me seriously and took great care of me from the start. It was really refreshing to feel seen and no one tried to downplay the fact that it was still surgery and it’s still scary.

So yea, one day I’m wrapping up working meetings in my office chair at home, waiting for the weekend to begin. The next I’m appendix-less! Life is more than crazy.

42 thoughts on “The Excitement Never Ends

  1. Wow. I’m so sorry you had to experience that. That has been one of my greatest fears since a Madeline episode I watched as a kid. I’ve heard the pain is absolutely excruciating. I’m glad you went to the hospital and got it removed. Wishing you a quick recovery!

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  2. I’ve always wondered if I would know my appendix was ruptured by the pain or if I’d just shrug it off as something else… guess we’re kind of the same in that respect. I’m glad you’re on the mend.

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      1. Sounds like me when I got a scratched cornea. My eye doc said if I hadn’t came in at the end of Friday and leave it over the weekend like I was planning, I might have lost vision in my eye. 😳

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  3. I’m so glad you made it out okay! I legit thought I was having appendix issues a couple weeks ago because of stomach pain. I drank some coke and burped a lot and it was gone so I guess I was lucky 😅.

    Hopefully I’ll have someone to tell me to me to go to the hospital in the event I have something serious too.

    I hope you are feeling well!

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  4. Hope you’re all better now. I know what you mean, one minute I’m looking forward to a big year of milestone celebrations but the next minute I was in the hospital undergoing chemo. Life is ups and downs we just have to fight through them all!

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