So You Want To Move In With Your Significant Other

I think it’s safe to say we’re a far cry from the times where couples didn’t live together until they were married. Although it still happens, I think it’s less common due to the expenses of living and even the fear that living together may be harder than you think so you want to try it out before marriage.

My fiancé and I moved in together after a year of dating. I really approached it as a thing of convenience, my lease was up and I wanted a better place and I wanted a dog and I didn’t mind living with him. When we did finally move in though, I realized it was more serious than I had initially let myself think.

I recently read an article (that for the life of me I can’t find) says that couples that move in together before marriage do better in life – as long as they treat it like the serious relationship step it is.

I think I downplayed moving in together in my mind as a coping mechanism because deep down I knew it was a serious step.

Cheaper rent and more convenience are just added bonuses of moving in together. But really you’re making an additional commitment. First, you committed to dating, now you’re committed to living together, and if that goes well you’ll be making more commitments down the line.

So, if you’re ready to move in with your significant other, treat it as the serious step it is and hopefully that will lead to success.

7 thoughts on “So You Want To Move In With Your Significant Other

  1. I forget when my partner and I moved in together, but it’s been quite a few years now, so I’m glad that you said people who live together before marriage tend to do better in life, lol. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  2. I always wonder how couples wait till after marriage to live together and are still successful. It’s scary to think that there’s a chance your partner could’ve been hiding habits that were red flags for you and now you’re already bound together by marriage. Would their time together before marriage be considered a waste?

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  3. My brother is recently engaged and has a house. His fiancee rents, but its the apartment over her moms bakery so I’m not sure if its proper rent haha anyway, I asked him when she would be moving in and he looked at me like I asked him to buy and skin puppies and told me after the wedding…apparently they wont even be sharing a bedroom when visiting my parents for the holidays. Which is good cos I left this morning and they arrive tonight and will need my bedroom if that’s the case lol

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      1. Lol so you live together but cant share a room at your parents? So interesting haha I have no idea how my parents would react if I ever moved in with someone before marriage haha

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