Short Trip To New Orleans

Another year of domestic travel is calling to us since travel long internationally just seems SO stressful.

New Orleans is perfect for a quick getaway. I guess when I think NOLA I think culture, food, spooky history. But most people think of drinking and beads and Mardi Gras. We went for the former – but walking down Bourbon Street to see the latter was certainly a site to see.

Things we did:

  1. Palm reading in Jackson Square
  2. Ghost tour
  3. Seafood tour
  4. Garden District tour
  5. Museum of Death (do not recommend if you have a weak stomach…like me)

Things we ate:

  1. A LOT on the seafood tour
  2. Po boys and oysters at Felix’s
  3. Beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde
    • Pro tip: stand in the to-go cash only line closer to the river than the street
  4. Breakfast at Bombay Club
  5. King cake that we just happened upon in a little street vendor type thing
  6. Voodoo slushie from Lafitte’s

Check out my eat with me post on IG.


NOLA is the perfect 3/4 day trip. Coming between January and March means lots of crazy parades, the things we would just randomly turn around and see throughout the day were so exciting. If you’re staying around the French Quarter, pretty much everything is walkable (though if you’re like me…you’ll be tired). The food truly didn’t disappoint and the atmosphere is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend!

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