Takeaways From My Palm Reading

I recently went on a trip to New Orleans where I got my palm read in Jackson Square. I’ve been getting more into things like divination and crystals, so it’s something I wanted to do but still felt like I did it on a whim which stresses me out a bit lol. Here are some takeaways from my reading:

  • I’m a kindhearted person which people may take advantage of
  • If I eat healthy, exercise, and go to sleep early, I’ll live until I’m 96
  • In my career, I often flip flop between wanting to stay where I am and wanting to go far away. Money restrictions keep me where I am
  • I’m not meant to be a manager or boss, but a business owner. One day I’ll go into business with a partner until I find something I truly love to do on my own
  • Apparently some of my exes are going to come out of the woodwork and tell me how they feel about me which I’m not looking forward to
  • My soulmate will be someone who will do anything for me, go anywhere with me
  • I’m gonna have lots of money and material things ???
  • She also made a lot of references to god and Jesus which was surprising to me, but I was in a majority catholic city so I shouldn’t have been so surprised

Have you ever had your palm read? Tell me your experience in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Takeaways From My Palm Reading

  1. I’ve never had a reading, but am curious about it. I have tarot cards and every once in a while will ask the cards a question or do a quick past, present, future reading to ground myself.

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  2. here while I take a stroll to the market there are lots of palm reading folks…and I am just to scared of it..😂 but yeah..I got my natal chart read and also some tarot stuff..
    I have a Ruby… But just nudging away the desire to get citrine.

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