Dating Sucks But Dating Your Ex Is Worse

If you haven’t dated in a while, it is very comparable to trying to find a job. Lots of feelers going unanswered, dates that feel like job interviews and rarely go anywhere. It’s exhausting to continue to put yourself out there with no reward.

It sucks.

So it’s easy to look for the easier option – going with what you know. Trying to date someone you’ve already dated before means you already know what you’re getting. You don’t have to try to explain who you are, you’ve already built the foundation.

But it’s also easy to forget why the building you built that foundation on came crumbling down. As time goes by and we get lonelier, the bad things in our past relationship seem to slip away. You just want that security back, you don’t want to be alone anymore, and the exhaustion of dating is creeping up on you.

Dating sucks, but dating your ex is worse. Because while you know each other well, you also know you’re probably getting yourself into something that has an expiration date. Just like it did last time. And I’m not saying this is true for all couples. But if you ended on a bad note and the break up continued on a bad note, getting back together with your ex means you’ll be starting a relationship on a bad note.

14 thoughts on “Dating Sucks But Dating Your Ex Is Worse

  1. The idea of dating is fantastic but the reality is right up there with a dumpster fire. Most dates fail because we don’t give it time.

    I met my wife in a dorm. We slowly got to know each other. There was no pressure. Her cousin was my best friend so by the time we started seeing one another it was natural.

    Dating is tough. It takes time and patience and who the hell wants that?

    It makes sense going back to your ex but as you noted it has disaster written all over it.

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  2. I’ve never dated an ex or gotten back with someone I broke up with. That just seems like disaster waiting to happen for me.

    That said, I know at least one or two couples who did this and it worked out well for them. They said they just met each other at a bad time. Maybe they did!

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  3. Not sure dating sucks, although a bad experience is certainly a possibility. Dating can be a fun and exciting time of life to meet new people and get a better handle on what traits a future mate should possess. Maybe it’s a matter of throwing out some former ideas and adopting a fresh perspective if the old one isn’t working. Something to think about. Hope your dating experiences improve. Life can turn on a dime.

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  4. I’ve been single for the longest time and can concur that it really sucks stumbling from one trial to another. But the lesson I’ve learned is that weirdly enough, when you stop looking is when things start to happen. But that’s not something you can consciously do, eh? Anyway, wishing all the singles all the best!


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