Am I The Work From Home Type?

I can’t decided if WFH is really for me. At the start of the pandemic, I worked from home for 2 months before I was laid off. At my next job, I was in the office full time which wasn’t weird for me because I barely got that WFH experience.

But at my new job I have been WFH for 5 months, returning to a hybrid schedule soon.

On one hand, the freedom that comes with working from home is unmatched. No commute, I don’t put make up on the mornings, I can eat and grab coffee whenever I want, I don’t have to worry about the dogs being home alone, I can run to appointments if I need to instead of taking off, the list goes on and on.

On the other hand, a lack of structure is not super ideal for me and I straight up suck at setting boundaries for myself. I work late and think about work a lot, I sleep in right up until I need to be online, I wear a lot of sweatpants, and I just don’t feel a lot of accountability.

I don’t think I could ever return to a fully in person office job. Being alone and in my own space is so important, but I also need a reason to not be in my pajamas every so often,

I guess a hybrid work style will be a good test for me to see which environment I thrive in more,

What about you? Are you an in-office, WFH, or hybrid kind of person?

25 thoughts on “Am I The Work From Home Type?

  1. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve worked from home mostly due to medical issues preventing me from the ability to dress professionally like poison ivy or bad sunburn. I find that I’m extremely productive at home because I don’t have the social disturbances I do at the office, no do I have a desk phone disrupting me every so often. If I were to solely work from home, I wonder if my productivity would remain the same or dip…

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    1. The social stuff at work is a disturbance! I feel more productive at home because even if I have a small gap in time that would normally be filled by socializing, I can throw in a load of laundry or let my dogs out

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      1. YES!100% But then I also indulge more on unnecessary snacks when I’m at home and drink things other than water. I have a personal rule that I only drink water while I’m at work otherwise I would never drink anywhere close to the daily recommended amount. Because of my rule I typically drink about a gallon of water a day.

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  2. I don’t mind working from home, but my body doesn’t like it as much, because of the set up. I ended up with horrible back stiffness and neck pain. If I had a proper office setup at home, I’d probably prefer to WFH.

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  3. I tried working from home in 2021 as a contact tracer during the pandemic. During that time, I also started a nursing job at the hospital so I got to experience both worlds. I ended up quitting the contact tracing job in October 2021 and now I only work at the hospital. I like fast-paced jobs where I’m running around like a crazy person and find sitting at a desk all day extremely boring.

    Like you, I like structure (shifts, some predictability). Like you, I like to be able to walk away from work at the end of the day and not think about it on my time off. One thing I do to help me cope with the stress is to go to work early to do patient research and leave late. At least then I can leave work at work knowing I did everything I could to make my patients happier. One upside about my job is that I don’t have to dress up for work. I never liked wearing fancy clothes to work and get to wear scrubs and sneakers instead. That is of the main reasons I chose nursing, I’m not kidding. 😝

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  4. I am going to be working hybrid. Currently I am in the office all the time to have as much training as possible. I can’t wait to be able to have some time WFH…and it is essentially because though there is a lot of positives in being with people, I am shocked by the bad language I hear, the subject of some conversations, the reaction when I am pressured to do something I do not agree with and I say no….it would be so much easier to be able to work without those negative aspects of office life.


  5. I am absolutely in love with WFH and it’s something I always wanted but couldn’t find pre-pandemic. I work really well at home without the distractions and social anxieties of being in an office. I worked out with my employer that I will be staying remote permanently and the possibilities of all the places I can travel to now are so exciting!

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  6. I desperately want to work from home. But in my current position, that’s not possible. In spite of the tragedy of the pandemic, it was nice during lockdown to just “meet” with clients through Telehealth. I know that, if I could find an appropriate work-from-home job, I would thrive.

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  7. Since March 2020, I have worked full time from my home office. Before that, I worked from home two days a week. There is no stress of a daily commute. My house has all the things I need to feel safe and comfortable. I chose the chair, the desk, and the tchotchkes that adorn my desk. At home, I get to select the room temperature. Instead, I get to make fresh coffee each morning and listen to music while catching up on the latest technology news. I don’t have to be concerned about what I wear. A collared shirt is all I need up top. I can wear whatever I want down below. When I need a break, I can grab lunch from my kitchen, then sit and catch up on a show talk to my cat. I can take a nap or have lunch with my wife or outside at a local restaurant with a friend when the weather is suitable. All these will be lost if I have to work from an office.

    And I would gain absolutely NOTHING from being in an office.

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  8. I WTF when I had an internship at the start of the pandemic and I really liked it. I liked that I could do my work at anytime. My favorite thing to do is go to my favorite coffee shop and get some work done. However I do like the social aspect of working in an office.

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