My Social Battery Is Drained

Nothing like a good ol pandemic to make you change part of your personality, right?

I’ve always been introverted, but in the last 2 years I’ve basically lost all social skills. DoorDash means I don’t have to order food in person or even meet up with a delivery driver. Working from home meant meeting all of my coworkers for the first time virtually. Social distancing has just stuck with me.

Going back to work in person has been a struggle. I’m on a hybrid schedule and the first few weeks I left work with a migraine just from being so overstimulated during the day.

I’ve also just gained a new-found appreciation for being home. I haven’t had a huge urge to go on any big trips and I don’t really mind spending weekends at home.

I am fighting to get some parts of myself back because I don’t want to become so comfortable that I’m not pushing myself anymore. I’ve always strived to be content on life, I just don’t want to end up too holed up and isolated.

12 thoughts on “My Social Battery Is Drained

  1. Isn’t it weird how, after knowing full well that they can function with remote employees, that companies still choose to get everyone to return to the office? Lol. Here’s to getting used to the old way once more!

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  2. Heavily relate. Often times (a bit morbidly) wish the lockdown wouldn’t have ended, but then again it’s still good to be able to meet friends and family in person ! So there is always a trade off i guess

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