The Struggles Of Being Over-Eager

The trouble with people who are over-eager is that we are often over-everything. We are over-thinkers, we are over-dramatic, we over-romanticize, we are overwhelmed.

So getting too excited about things just comes with the territory. Because one small possibility opens up so many doors for us. We non stop think about how this could work out in the future or how it could go wrong. The thoughts basically consume us.

Over-eagerness in relationships is especially troublesome. In general, I think a lot of people are eager to fall in love. But while those people are very understanding to why things don’t work out or are calm, cool, and collected on dates – we are freaking out.

And it’s not because we fell head over heels in love on the first date – but because we can see all the possibilities. Because we are constantly thinking about the future and, when we meet someone, how they can become part of our future.

So we get a little over-eager. We want to send a thousand text messages. We want to tell them they’re a great kisser or how much fun we had like a million times. We want to hang out with them again right away. Because we are eager and straight forward and just have too much on our minds to not be that way.

But we scare people off, unfortunately. Because they’re just normal people who don’t overthink every single thing. Who don’t feel the  need to rush. Who aren’t constantly worrying about the future.

When we try to hide our over-eagerness we often come off as not eager enough. We don’t want to scare you away, but we also don’t want you to think we don’t care.

Over-eager people just need to learn to embrace the crazy. Eventually you’ll meet someone who also embraces your crazy. Stay excited, tell people you care, but maybe dial it down two notches if you don’t want to chase away every first date.

35 thoughts on “The Struggles Of Being Over-Eager

  1. After a first date, or in the first week of dating, I am already visualising what it would be like to move in together, meeting her friends, her meeting mine, meeting both sets of parents etc etc. I do tend to keep this thoughts in my head though. Though if it looks like it is going well I’ll try (in the most Hugh Grant-ish sort of way) of bumbling out how I feel and what I hope to happen.
    Nice post! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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  2. I think we’ve all been the overeager one in a relationship or on a date at one time or another. I think most of us who have been on dates with more than one or two people have met somebody who we just *have* to speak to and see again right away.

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  3. This is so relatable. Iโ€™m going through this right now and Iโ€™m trying to hold
    myself back but it ends up being just more stressful. Definitely nice to hear thereโ€™s others like me out there ๐Ÿ˜…

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  4. Life is so complicated sometimes all we can do is our best. Excellent post! I don’t know if you like affirmations but I make a new one every monday for each week and release it with a bit of weekly inspiration. If you do check out my blog page. I also do a weekly discussion this weeks post is share a situation you over came and how you did it so we can promote ideas for others in a similar situation. That one you may enjoy adding your two cents in ๐Ÿ˜ƒ โค Have a Great Day and Always Keep Your Head Up!

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  5. Now I know why my intended relationship crashed.
    I was over eager without knowing that the girl is not even eager.
    It made me waste my precious energy and time thinking I have found my precious gold. But no!
    It was just a coal๐Ÿ˜…


  6. Very relatable post. Itโ€™s easy to get carried away by thoughts and experience every emotion as though through a megaphone. Thank you for writing this.

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