Quick Trip To Chicago

It’s no surprise to anyone that I’m still not trying to travel outside the country, giving me the perfect opportunity to see more of the United States!

We did a weekend in Chicago and since my fiancé has been there before, he did the itinerary, here what we did in approximately 48 hours:

Things we did:

  • Architecture boat tour
  • Millennium park
  • Chicago 360
  • Adler Planetarium
  • Graceland Cemetery

Places we ate:

  • Pinched
  • Cupitol for coffee
  • Goddess and the Baker
  • Happy Camper
  • Lou Malnatis for deep dish pizza (which was gross sorry to say but New Jersey pizza for lifeeee)

Where we stayed:

  • Club Quarters Hotel, Central Loop

Have you ever been to Chicago? What was your favorite part?

12 thoughts on “Quick Trip To Chicago

  1. I’ve been to Chicago once, for a day and a half. My favorite part was probably the observation deck at what I always grew up calling Sears Tower, but I know it has had different names over the years.

    And I like deep dish pizza, but I think of it as a completely different food category from regular pizza. It’s more like a pie with some of the same flavors as pizza, and you have to eat it like a pie. It isn’t something I eat regularly, but that’s mostly because the few places out here that serve deep dish pizza are really pricey.

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  2. I actually really like Chicago! Being from the West Coast, I have an affinity for Midwesterners and their hospitality. Walking around Downtown is super fun! Since it’s so close to Wisconsin (where my fiancé is from), we took the 1.5 hour drive and had a lot of fun there!

    Deep dish pizza is super good, but oddly I haven’t had it in Chicago, so maybe it’s different there… Either way, sounds like a nice and quick trip!!


      1. LOL that makes sense! I haven’t had a true NJ/NY pizza yet (like in the East coast). Just Brooklyn-style in LA. Do you think it’s the same or you have to have it in NJ/NY?

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  3. I’ve never been to Chicago but my husband has! We almost went to Chicago for a weekend trip one year. Tbh I haven’t been on a road trip since the pandemic started. Pathetic, I know….

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  4. Never been to Chicago… come to think about it, I’ve never truly been anywhere in the Midwest before, but at the end of next month I’m tagging along with my husband on a work trip to Minneapolis. I’m looking forward to hearing their accents–is that weird??

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