Stop Being Mad At Yourself

I haven’t been able to get myself to the gym more than once a week lately and I always feel guilty about it. But there are times when you want to go to the gym and you’re too lazy and then there are times you just don’t want to go. And I just don’t feel up to going.

And some days I eat a lot more than I should or eat things that really aren’t good for me. And I feel bad about myself even though I was just listening to what my body wants.

I just want to stop being mad at myself about these things.

Being mad at yourself isn’t going to change anything, it’s just going to motivate you less. It will just lower your self-esteem until you can’t even get out of bed or until you’re loading your plate with junk food.

Didn’t meditate today? It’s okay. Didn’t go to the gym today, yesterday, or the day before that? It’s okay. Ate a whole pizza today? It’s okay. Slept in and had an unproductive day? It’s okay.

We can’t be mad at ourselves for listening to what our bodies want. If you can’t get yourself to the gym or you keep napping after work  – it’s probably because you need it. But if you’re ignoring your body and going to the gym anyway or ignoring your body’s pleas to get active – that’s not okay.

But just stop being mad at yourself for these tiny things that just aren’t going to make a big impact on your life. There’s no reason to be so hard on yourself.

17 thoughts on “Stop Being Mad At Yourself

  1. I don’t always practice it so well, but I have always had the philosophy that the decisions you made in the past are never going to be as important as the decision you make right now!

    …and I just shocked myself that positivity just erupted from my mind…I’m Tweeting it!

    Anyways, I loved this post! It is so important to not hang up on past mistakes – even when it comes to working out.

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  2. thank you so much for sharing this! last week me and my therapist discussed how being so hard on my self and setting the ball so high made me give up on things so fast, when we are kind to our self, we set reasonable goals and build upon the small victories, am sending you strength x

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  3. Need to always remind myself of this. Recently I’ve been pushing myself to the limit and over training in the gym in addition to all the work I do in the dance studio (I am a full time dance teacher). So it was taking a toll on my body, and I let it burn me out. But I was so afraid of breaking my gym schedule and skipping a workout because I’d feel lazy. But there are actually benefits to taking a rest period (both physical and mental). I am currently taking a rest week, and it has taken a lot to not be “mad at myself” for skipping the gym for a whole week. But I am actually feeling much better, stronger, and mentally refreshed. I recently wrote on this topic in my blog:

    But I really like your point of “not being mad at yourself,” because sometimes skipping the gym or eating more is what you need whether it’s physical or mental. Sometimes you need to eat damn oreos. Not everyday needs to be crazy productive. Sometimes you just need to chill out at home under a blankie and rest physically and mentally.

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  4. Self acceptance is the secret to self improvement. Beating yourself up works the opposite way you want it to. Completely agree you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. I do think environment design helps. I started doing at home work outs during the pandemic- I haven’t stopped. Just turn on YouTube and play a fitness video and follow it. No need to pay for a gym membership- also no need to force myself to go. I just have to show up in my living room at the same time every morning. Game changer. Wishing you well Rosie 🙏


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