Resisting The Urge To Look Cool

In my ongoing journey to feel less attached to social media, I put all my social media sites in a new app folder on my phone and hid them from view this past weekend.

Because I work in social media, it is really really hard to disconnect after hours. And it’s just been more difficult lately. I even put a timer on my Instagram app so I didn’t use the app more than 30 minutes a day.

I didn’t feel pressure to take photos of my weekend and share. I scrolled for short time periods and then found something else to do. Who am I really impressing by sharing everything online? And what is it really doing for me? It’s sad that it has to be such a battle, but for my own mental health I really have to do all that I can to not be consumed by social media.

It’s definitely something I think I will be implementing on my weekend moving forward.

14 thoughts on “Resisting The Urge To Look Cool

  1. Very recently, I’ve thought the same. I’ve definitely posted way less, but I spend hours scrolling through other feeds. I really need to scale back. Just yesterday, I thought about staying away from IG for a week (to start).

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  2. Social media seems like a lot of hard work to keep it going (Twitter, Instagram…) – but thankfully, blogging different beast – I hope you continue to enjoy writing and blogging 😊

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  3. I’m also in the process of following the social media detox. I don’t feel the need to open Instagram now but when I do – I am again lost in the sea of watching reels. 😦


  4. Very wise move to make, Rosie😊👍. Social media has a tendency to really mess with our mentality so we need to make the necessary boundaries to keep ourselves healthy.


  5. We definitely agree that social media has created a toxic “you should look like a runway model” image. When it comes to your mental health, be and do you because no one can beat you at being you. Thank you for sharing, and check us out if you haven’t already and don’t forget to check out our newest post dropping later today.


  6. once i had the same struggle too wt Instagram. i found hidding noti and phone is nota permanent solution. hence, i practice myself not to look at not while im on. im all in good hand right nw


  7. I’ve deactivated my account and deleted the app off my phone some for breaks. It’s honestly the only way to turn off. IG is so addictive. And as a blogger it’s def tough because it’s part of the job. I like the idea of hiding the apps in other folders.

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