Let It Roll Off Your Shoulders

I’m not really a “let it go” kind of person. You can pretty much ask anyone I’ve ever dated, they’re probably like why the heck does Rosie still reference me in some of her blog posts when we broke up almost 10 years ago?!

Things just stick with me, I wish they didn’t. I get the big things, I get why the big break ups have stuck with me as lessons I just can’t let go of. But the small things, man, it just gets exhausting to not have the ability to let things roll off your shoulders.

I get actually envious when I see it in action. Something that would embarrass me, or stress me out, or take me time to get over, happens to someone I know and they just shrug and walk away from it. They don’t let the small things bring them down.

But I do. And if the small things bring me down, just imagine how the big things hit me like a tidal wave.

I’m actively working on it. Venting quickly about things and then just letting them happen. Though I do think there’s a fine line between caring too much and becoming completely burnt out and not caring at all. I teeter it constantly.

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