Weekend In DC

The last time I was in DC was 2016 and it did not go well…It was actually the first trip me and my (now) fiancé went on and luckily we didn’t take it as a nod to how the rest of the relationship would go. The tours we joined were bad, the restaurants we went to had rude staff, just was overall not a good time.

This time I was tagging along on my fiancé’s work trip and my only goal was to relax – so I did just that.

Of course I took a nice stroll from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. I also checked out the Eastern Market which was a lot of fun if you’re looking for local bites and small businesses to shop from.

Im highly recommend stopping by Zeke’s for coffee if you’re in the Lafayette Square area!

I also indulged in a Criminal Minds and Harry Potter marathon from the hotel room. It’s all about ✨ balance.

It was a much better trip than last time but I’m not sure DC is really my jam. Have you ever been? Tell me how you feel about the city in my comments!

11 thoughts on “Weekend In DC

  1. I have family who live in the DC area, so I visit them twice a year, August and Thanksgiving. If they didn’t live there, I would STILL go to DC. It’s one of my favorite cities. I love visiting all the monuments and riding the metro not only in DC but to Virginia and Maryland too. I’m a history buff, so I love seeing the monuments and memorials. The food scene is good, all the different restaurants. Of course, being the Sports Diva that I am, I’m going to try to catch a Nationals baseball game or a Capitals hockey game . DC isn’t for everyone but there’s more to it than just the tourist areas.

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  2. I grew up fairly close to DC, but have only been there a handful times. I feel like it’s one of those cities where if you don’t have a specific plan of what you want to do/see/experience, then it’s not that great of a city purely because the amount of people/tourists is a nightmare. My favorite memory of DC was actually driving through the city around midnight in a Jeep Wrangler with its top off in the middle of summer where there was no traffic and seeing all the monuments lit up; it was almost magical. I’ve gone to a handful of museums in DC (most of them were school fieldtrips), but my all time favorite is the spy museum–I highly recommend everyone to check it out. My husband and I went to DC this past Christmas and stayed with my cousin. We planned to do all the touristy things like go to the Christmas Market (which we did and it was a major let down; the Christmas Markets in Philly are 10x better), check out the national Christmas tree (didn’t get around to), and go ice skating (way too expensive and WAY too many people on the ice).

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      1. Fun fact about the Newseum: my school got ‘early access’ and were actually the first group to tour the museum. The guide used us as guinea pigs. Also on the way up to DC the tour bus I was on rear-ended a car (no injuries), so we had to switch to a new bus while the driver dealt with the police.

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  3. I spent two days in DC alone trying to cram in as many attractions as I could. The Air & Space Museum was amazing, but that’s my kind of thing in the first place. Touring the Capitol was interesting, and Arlington Cemetery (technically not in DC proper, I know) was a stark reminder of how many have given their lives for our country. What surprised me most was the National Cathedral; I didn’t know that kind of architecture existed outside of Europe, especially for something built in the 20th century.

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  4. Great post! I love DC, but probably because I’ve had family to visit several times, so the tourist attractions weren’t as much of a focus as what they recommended, spaced out. On my own in a single trip, I think I’d be really overwhelmed with cramming in as much as possible or figuring out the musts and feeling burnt out.


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