Getting Hurt vs. Hurting Someone

No one wants to get hurt. No one wants to put their heart on the line when there’s a possibility of it getting smashed. Unanimously, we can all agree that we do not want our hearts broken.

But when it comes to breaking someone else’s heart, there is so much less thought put into it. We are so concerned with protecting ourselves that we forget that there are other people who matter.

And while most people fear getting hurt, I fear hurting someone. I think I’ve felt heartbreak hard enough that it doesn’t bother me anymore. I put my love slowly into situations, I’ve learned how to escape without any cuts or bruises. But the thought of emotionally hurting someone else is terrifying to me. I don’t just tip toe into relationships for myself, but I do it for my partner.

Because if you’ve ever been on the giving side of a break up, you know that it sucks. You never wanted to let someone down. You feel like you’re letting yourself down.

So when the next possibility of a relationship arrives, you don’t want to let them down either. You keep your guard up, in hopes that they’ll keep their guard up too. Because if you don’t let them in all the way, maybe you won’t disappoint them. Maybe you won’t emotionally hurt them, too.

To the point where you would rather feel heartbreak all over again than feel yourself breaking someone’s heart. Getting hurt is never fun, but hurting someone else is a whole other feeling.

45 thoughts on “Getting Hurt vs. Hurting Someone

  1. I have avoided breaking up with someone and dragged it out in order to not hurt someone, which was obviously not a smart idea in hindsight. Hurting other people sucks, especially when you’re an intuitive, sensitive person to begin with. Sometimes I feel like the build-up of doing it is more stressful than actually breaking up with them lol.

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  2. As usual a most interesting post. I have been on both sides of the coin, although I think it depends on the focus? I’ve been hurt but I’ve also loved, which is a bitter sweet pill to swallow but I think it comes with the territory.

    To hurt means that you have loved? I’m not certain…dammit I’ll have to think on this a little more.

    Great post! 😊

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  3. Thank you for writing something with the other person’s feelings in mind. I think I’m like you. I’m so terrified of hurting someone else, that I tend to keep on checking in on them, even friends. I apologize incessantly. Apparently it’s not a big deal to them, but freaks me out!

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  4. You know what’s crazy, after several abusive relationships, I grown accustomed to hurting others. It took a while to allow love mend broken bones and damaged souls.

    All of my ex’s shown me that if I get got then I’m weak. If I get them first, then I am strong and least likely to feel the burn if they don’t like me anymore.

    I think this post could also include the light psychological ways on avoiding heartache or the temptation to hurt someone else. It’s easy to say “don’t do it” but what should we not do?

    Compelling read! Thank you so much for your post.

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  5. This is a perpetual struggle and it is so easy to feel selfish and guilty about putting ourselves first even though it would be the right thing to do and prevent any bitter complications in the future.

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  6. Even though it’s always said that it’s just a part of growing up, it still hurts not because you are at the receiving end of it but thinking that you’ll end up receiving it all somehow like every other time.

    It could be said that I’m procrastinating but thats how heart keeps the guard up I feel.

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  7. The feeling of being scared to be hurting can end up by hurting people around you unintentionally. That feeling make us be blind, we put a barrier and the most important thing we don’t realize that we are even hurting ourselves,and we are not happy. I respect each person’s opinion but everyone deserve to be happy but sometime we have to face some situations but we have to be stronger , courageous and patient. Each person has to go through with his experience .❀️

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