Filling All Your Buckets

Ah yes, the buckets of life. The family bucket. The friends bucket. The alone time bucket. The relationship bucket. The work bucket. The fun free time bucket.

They all need to be filled, and when one empties another one inevitably empties as well. And when one is far too full, another is way too empty.

This is what I’m currently facing. One of my buckets is full, one is less than half full, and the rest are bone dry.

Sometimes I get drawn so far inward to protect myself that I can’t even see that I’m hurting myself. And then I neglect all my buckets, and when they’re empty it causes a chain effect.

If I’m having problems at work, I talk to my fiancé. If I’m having problems with my fiancé, I talk with my friends. But if my work bucket is overflowing, my fiancé bucket is half full, and my friends bucket is empty…I don’t have that chain of command to fall back on.

You gotta maintain your buckets. One aspect of your life can’t take up so much room that the others fall apart. It will just lead to everything falling apart. And even though it’s hard to depend on others, we can’t always fill our buckets alone.

7 thoughts on “Filling All Your Buckets

  1. Maybe the monks are onto something—they’ve simply removed their buckets, and thus have much more water than they know what to do with. Or at least that’s what I assume, lol. Anyway, well said!

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