Being Happier With Yourself – Part 1

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but sometimes the problem is you.

I’ve been struggling with overall happiness in multiple aspects in my life lately, having trouble filling my buckets and spending time where it needs to be spent.

At the root of that problem is me. I haven’t been taking care of my health, I haven’t been doing things I enjoy, and I haven’t been even trying to fill all my buckets. So in part 1 I’m being happier with myself, I’m starting with essential building blocks:

1. Setting a night time and morning alarm that I stick to

2. Stretch for 5 minutes every morning

3. Take a walk around the block 3 days a week

4. Work out once a week

5. Mind what I eat, to avoid stress eating

These may seem fairly simple, but for someone whose starting from the bottom I want to set myself up for success by starting with small goals. What are some small steps you can implement to start investing in your happiness?

14 thoughts on “Being Happier With Yourself – Part 1

  1. Love this post – all these simple building blocks can be things we all forget, but it’s a great learning point! I’d love to see an update post on your progress, and to try and hold myself accountable and to be able to help each other! 😆

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  2. Some things I’ve been working on lately: developing a more carefree nature, trying not to take life too seriously (something I struggle with), and practicing self-compassion. I am so hard on myself and blame myself for everything. I like your goals and the list of self-care rituals that you do each day/week. 🙂

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  3. I feel this. I used to take a lot of walks and practiced yoga almost on a daily basis, I ate healthier, I journaled and read books and had a social life. I’ve been thinking lately what small things I could do to feel reacquainted with myself.

    – sun salutations in the mornings
    – reading before bed
    – start making my lunches again

    I have done these on and off, but not with any consistency so far. I’d really love to reincorporate my pre-pandemic morning routine back into my life. Especially now that I’m working from home, you’d think it’d be so easy! But my problem is motivational. I haven’t been able to ground myself. I know we’re going on three years of this now, but adapting still feels like such a process. I do have a certain routine I go through in the mornings and I’ve been challenging myself to wake up earlier so I can slowly add things to my mornings like I would’ve done in the past. It’s slow-going, but I’m optimistic that I’ll get to the place I want to be in. Honestly, stuff like this helps, and I think part of it is just feeling a lack of creative community in the last few years. That used to be a much bigger part of my life, but I’m hoping to regrow it.

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  4. Taking ten minutes every night to deal with clutter is a must for me. It can be physical clutter, like rounding up the ‘stuff’ that builds up all day. Or mental, like spilling my thoughts onto paper and making a ‘to-do’ list. It helps! Also cutting back the coffee and sugar, but that’s an ongoing battle between me and temptation…

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