If We Were Having Coffee – July

If we were having coffee this month I’d tell you that it’s finally starting to feel like summer.

I’m also having yet another identity crisis (what else is new) and feeling all types of ways about how quickly time moves and what stage I’m at in my life and if I’m even happy with it.

To combat this, I’m trying to implement new routines that can help me be a better and more productive version of myself. I’m also just trying to let go of things I’ve been holding on to for no reason and focus on healthier relationships.

I’d tell you I spent a lot of time at my shore house because my nieces and nephew are moving out of state and I’m going to miss them so much. We made flower crowns during one of my visits – my new hobby. It’s the summer of flower crowns!

Tell me about one fun thing from your July in the comments!

10 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – July

  1. One fun thing was going to the lake with a big group of people organized by people I’d never met before, although they were friends of friends and there were people I knew on the trip. There were other people I knew on the trip not even connected to the people who invited me, so I made some surprise reconnections. But we wouldn’t be having coffee right now because I’m sick 😦

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