Reverse Bucket List – Part 2

So often we’re caught up in the things we want to do, but don’t stop to look back at what we’ve already done. Last year, I published Part 1 of my reverse bucket list to pat myself on the back for things I’ve done in my life. Here’s part 2 of sort of once-in-a-lifetime things I’ve done lately:

  1. Got engaged
  2. Watched Italy win the Eurocup
  3. Tried deep dish pizza in Chicago
  4. Got my appendix taken out
  5. Ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde
  6. Stood in New Jersey and Pennsylvania at the SAME TIME
  7. Had pizza at Mystic Pizza
  8. Floated down the Hudson River
  9. Saw seven states from 1 location

What’s one once-in-a-lifetime thing you’ve done?

13 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket List – Part 2

  1. I spent four months in my late 20s wandering the country trying to find myself. During that time period, I saw parts of 46 states (and a small part of Canada for a few hours), I saw places I’d always wanted to see, and I met a lot of Internet friends in person.

    (I also may be turning this experience into another continuing story blog. It will open a few years after Character-Greg moved 60 miles from Jeromeville to Pleasant Creek, where he finds himself mostly unhappy with his life. He goes through a traumatic experience where he feels betrayed by the people close to him, and he decides to quit his job, cut his ties, and take off and wander the country. I even have a placeholder blog for it, with a cast of characters already: )

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