Revisiting My Word of 2022

In January I designated my word of the year as growth.

I chose this word because I finally felt like I was in a position to put down roots and expand on myself. We’re over halfway through the year and I only feel like I’ve grown in one aspect of my life.

Most of my career up until now has been pretty boring and not very challenging. The only challenging parts were difficult people, not the work itself, so while I had to adapt my personality in some circumstances – I didn’t really advance my career.

In my current job, I am not bored and quite challenged every day. I’m actually working harder than I knew that I was capable of. And for that, I’m proud of myself.

But I’ve become quite stagnant in other areas of my life. So I’m using this as a reminder to start working growing in other areas of my life before the year is up.

6 thoughts on “Revisiting My Word of 2022

  1. Good luck… and good idea not to give up on working on things. I need to remind myself of that.

    My (a couple months after the fact) word of the year was “comeback.” In some ways, this year has felt like a comeback, but not in every way. My group of friends keeps shrinking as people move out of this area like rats off a sinking ship, and I haven’t really done a whole lot to make new friends, partially because I’m just too tired and I’ve had too much going on, and partially because my usual hobbies are the kinds of things that attract assholes so I’m not confident that I’ll meet the kind of people I want to be friends with. (And the kind of people I want to be friends with are mostly the same people who are moving out of the area, it seems.) Still, though, there have been new things I’ve wanted to try that just haven’t happened. I did go to a pool party where I only knew two people out of probably 30 or so who showed up, so that was out of my comfort zone; I don’t know that I made any lasting friendships from that, though.

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