Return to Amsterdam

Accidentally took a hiatus from blogging this past month…oops! But I’m back and here to tell you about my recent trip to Amsterdam.

What’s funny about this trip is the last time we internationally traveled was in December 2019 (thanks COVID) and our last trip was to Amsterdam. Since then, I thought I lost my travel bug. The thought of planning international travel with all that’s going on in the world, the possibility of getting sick, the airlines being kind of a mess…it just wasn’t that appealing to me.

This trip back to Amsterdam was very low pressure because 1. I’ve been there before and we saw A LOT the last time we went and 2. I was tagging along on my fiancés work trip so a lot was already planned for us.

It was a very low key trip and I was alone most days, but the great thing about Amsterdam is that it’s super walkable and the people are so incredibly friendly. I went to:

The Moco – one of my favorite part of the the trips, it was a very cool museum and I got to see some Banksy pieces.

Rijksmuseum – there was an awesome photography exhibit on the waste crisis.

Fashion for good – a cute and small museum about sustainable fashion.

A night tour of the canals.

The Miffy store where I got the cutest Miffy nightlight.

A day trip to Bruges, Belgium which had GREAT food but the atmosphere was a little touristy.

Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities to travel to. Tell me one of your favs in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Return to Amsterdam

  1. The US (that’s my home country, for anyone reading this who doesn’t know me). Because I grew up in the kind of background where travel for the sake of travel (or for any reason other than visiting relatives) was done very rarely, and as an adult I wasn’t in a very good place financially for a long time, and now I’m just too tired and busy. I’ve still only left the US twice ever, both times just barely across the border to two different parts of Canada, once as a child and once as an adult. I definitely would like to travel more, and farther, someday, but most of that will probably have to wait until I’m retired.

    However, that is a bit of a serious answer too, because there are so many subcultures just within the US. Four people from, say, respectively, San Francisco, New York City, a small town in Montana, and a small town in Mississippi may be able to understand each other’s language, but their lives and cultures are very different in many ways.

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  2. Bruges is towards the top of my list, so to hear it’s on the touristy side is kinds of off-putting. My husband and I are hoping to make it back to Europe this summer to visit his family in England and make our way to Switzerland, Belgium, and possibly the Netherlands (Amsterdam in particular). I’m really not all that picky I suppose; travel is travel and I love every opportunity and experience, but the less non-locals, the better.

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    1. I think we found it touristy because they just plopped us in this giant town square and then let us walk around all day lol it was SO crowded. It gave me Times Square vibes in the worst way with the crowds but I’m assuming there is more to do outside that square

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      1. My husband suggested it because he knows my love of gothic style and architecture. Guess I’ll have to do some research before we go to try and avoid the masses.

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