One Year Engaged

If you’re familiar with our engagement story you’ll know there was no big proposal, it wasn’t a surprise, and we’ve kept it pretty low key.

Mostly because I don’t like to put a lot of pressure on myself, to be the center of attention, and I just wanted getting engaged to be a decision we made together.

Because of this, I feel like I’ve skirted a lot of the typical questions people get when they’re engaged about their wedding. And I’ve also made it pretty clear that we’re going to elope.

No, we won’t be going anywhere to get married. No, I don’t have a date set, just whenever we feel like it. No, you’re not invited.

Long time followers here will know I get pretty squirmy around the thought of being tied down and a big to-do is just not my style. I want getting married to be all about me and my fiancé, just us, no one else’s opinions.

So when we get married, I’ll let ya know! (Maybe)

12 thoughts on “One Year Engaged

  1. Good for you Rosie ☺️👍! I commend what you and your fiance are doing. It should be about the two of you and nobody else. It’s your day, guys. Do with it as you wish. And if anyone has an issue with that, tell them to go take a hike! Regardless of when ever you get married, congratulations 👏🎉!

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  2. Love this. I married my husband after a very low key, secret engagement. We never even got to an engagement ring, just kinda skipped to the good bit. Got married locally with best friends as witnesses and our eldest daughter who was 6 at the time. I wore jeans and flipflops. Heading for twenty years wed now and if I did it all again, wouldn’t change a thing.

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