If We Were Having Coffee – October

This is a little late (oops) but a lot happened in October, so let me catch you up.

October is my favorite month because I LOVE spooky season, but we barely got around to doing all of my favorite spooky season things. I just wasn’t feeling up to it this year and that’s okay, we’ll try again next year.

Even though there wasn’t a lot of spookyness, we still did a lot. If we were having coffee you’d notice that I dyed my hair red and I’m loving it.

I’d also tell you that I got promoted at work after a year with my company! With that came a lot of imposter syndrome and mixed feelings. I’m super proud of myself, but sometimes I don’t feel like everyone is super happy for me which is a bummer.

But right after that exciting news, we went on our first international trip since 2019 to Amsterdam and had a blast! (But I did cry tears of happiness when I came home to my dogs).

And even though spooky season came and went super fast, we still got to sit down and watch Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween.

Tell me one fun thing from your October in the comments!

18 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – October

  1. Looks like my natural color! 🙂

    We also watched The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween and I think it only happened because I was scream singing songs from the movie while making dinner and my husband took it as a hint. 😉

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  2. Congrats on the work promotion! I understand imposter syndrome all too well.

    In October, I went back to work after taking 6 weeks off for jaw surgery. It was strange going back to work and being thrown in with the sharks (it’s sink or swim at work…). It was also my daugher’s birthday month and she turned 6. We had sweets and treats for the entire month and now I’m so sick of desserts. I’m so not ready for Christmas treats lol 😂

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  3. I had some time off work at the beginning of October, I went to a baseball game with my family and some people from back home whom I’ve known all my life. We won. The team didn’t make the playoffs, but it’s okay because the team I despise the most crashed and burned hard in the playoffs.

    I saw Carbon Leaf for the 23rd time. I think. I’ve kind of lost count. The guys signed a tour poster for me after the show.

    There’s a touristy area full of fruit stands and stuff like that about an hour drive from here. It’s really popular in the fall. I hadn’t been in many years, so I went on a weekday morning to avoid the Saturday crowds. I had some yummy pie and stuff, but I also realized that it’s a lot more fun doing that with friends. It just seems like, whenever the few friends I have left want to go up there, it’s always at a time when I can’t go.

    I went to a football game at the university that inspired my writing. It was a blowout win.

    I went to a Halloween party wearing a t-shirt that said COSTUME. That has gotten me through 13 Halloweens in a row now. I didn’t win the best costume award, but I was told by the host that I did receive votes.

    Oops, you said one thing, I guess that was more than one. I guess October was a good month. November, so far, not as much (although I did see another football blowout win).

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      1. Nice! That’s a good one… I have a playlist called “Best Songs Ever” that is about 18 hours long, but that song is on there.

        I don’t meet a lot of other Carbon Leaf fans in the wild (especially out west, but I don’t know where you’re from). Still, though, that’s awesome.

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  4. Watched “Child’s Play” for the very first time. Really made me rethink buying a talking doll 😊! And of course I had my annual viewing of The Shining. Best horror movie ever ☺️👍🥰!

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