To The Guys Who Call Girls Crazy

Honestly, if you aren’t a little crazy you’re probably kind of boring. Guy or girl – we all have a little crazy hidden inside of us.

But for every girl you call “crazy” is a guy that drove her to be that way. There is a guy who broke her heart, causing her to dismiss love. There is a guy who cheated on her, causing her to not trust anyone. There is a guy who neglected her, causing her to text twenty times in a row.

A lot of times we try to beat guys to the punch and call ourselves crazy. It’s kind of like when the nerdy kid in school would call himself a nerd so it wasn’t fun to make fun of him anymore. We call ourselves crazy to soften the blow, because maybe if we say it jokingly no one will think it’s true.

No one will know we got our hearts broken. No one will know we got cheated on. No one will know we were neglected or abused or put down. Because we’ll chalk it all up to being crazy.

So, to the guys who call girls crazy. I hope you’re just saying it with nice undertones or in a joking way. If you’re not, stop. Stop going around and spreading the rumor that that girl is a psycho. Stop telling all your friends that chick is crazy. Because YOU are the reason she is acting crazy. And if not you, it’s because someone else has already driven her crazy.

Let us repair our broken hearts the only way we know how – carrying our crazy on our sleeve. We are open, honest, and loving women who have only known sadness, lies, and betrayal.

I may be a little crazy, but I’d rather be crazy than be a bad person – like you.

63 thoughts on “To The Guys Who Call Girls Crazy

  1. This is fantastic. I’ve said something similar before. Lightheartedly we may be crazy because of a breakup or whatever. More seriously we may be crazy be we’ve been seriously abused or mistreated by men. But either way, you are right, crazy is better than being a bad person.

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    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ If all guys used the term crazy in a light hearted way, I wouldn’t mind it too much. But I feel like it’s gotten to the point where it’s just used as a nasty insult and we have to constantly defend ourselves and our heart break!

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      1. If there’s one relationship lesson I’ve learnt it’s that they do need regular maintenance. (In nice way ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I don’t get the crazy thing. I’ve met a few who were way too drama, but most of the time there is just a woman who needs to feel important, free, and fun. If someone isn’t a littler crazy, they are boring anyway.

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  3. Well said. Guys are quick to defend other guys, over girls who’ve been hurt by guys and are acting ‘crazy’. My experience anyways. If we’re all crazy then surely they are all assholes lol.

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  4. Words from a 60+ male based on many years experience. Those males who cannot cope with women asserting their own individuality are not proper ‘men’ just ‘widdle lil’ boys’ whose mouths have outgrown their brains (and secretly would prefer to be living at home with their mothers, all safe and sound from ‘nasty ol’ real-life girls’)

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  5. To be honest, I’d be hesitant to blame girl crazies on guys, as much as I’d be hesitant to blame d-bags on girls. People are born with predispositions, into a world where we can choose our culture, surrounded by other people who have chosen their cultures. We’re not homogenous, uniform or stable by any means. And it takes a lot to become the person you are today, whether you love or hate that person. Not just one guy, one girl, a bad experience or a hormonal disruption. It took a lifetime to build you, to build your mental framework, your ideologies, your outlook, your attractions, your dislikes, the culture that you identify with.

    And from time to time, more often than not really, you will come across someone whose culture is so much at odds with yours that they call you crazy. Because to them you are. And if you got to know them, they would probably seem crazy to you. Jon and I seem crazy to a lot of people. Medically, I am and he isn’t. Behaviourally, we both are. Culturally we are so at odds with everyone around us that nobody understands what we will do next, how, or why. Like the Joker and Harley, we’re crazy and maybe even dangerous to other people, but we understand each other and support each other. We’re not crazy in each other’s eyes. At the end of the day, who matters more? The big wide world, or your family, your friends, your tribe?

    The question isn’t: “does anyone at all think I’m crazy?” Of course someone or other does. The real question is: “am I getting what I want out of life, is the person who I am today a good friend to the person I will be tomorrow, is all this paying off, or do I need to work on the culture I have cultivated inside myself?”

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    1. That is true, our experiences do shape who we are. But in a relationship aspect, a girl is likely to be called crazy for flipping out over minor things, texting too many times, being clingy, etc in the guys mind. And this probably all stems from a different relationship where there was mistrust. But really if someone thinks your crazy is bad, they aren’t the person for you.

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      1. I’m clingy and insist on calling and texting all day and that’s five years in, with no prior relationships. I just like him that much. ๐Ÿ˜› And what is major or minor depends on you, although I would say that regular flipping might be something bad in your relationships in general (including friends and family] and therefore falls into the category of “things that might not be giving the results you want”.

        It’s all complicated, though.

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  6. Tons of wisdom here. As a man and a dad of three girls and a girls’ soccer coach, I’ve had a problem with the association between girls/women and craziness. It’s flippantly tossed about, and I’m not one to be uptight about word choice (why limit yourself?), but it’s also a convenient excuse. “Oh, she’s crazy.”

    Men and women are different, for sure. We all should hope, as you mentioned, for a little crazy in our makeup. Lack of that makes for some plain vanilla days, doesn’t it? But when we try to dismiss feelings or behavior on a woman’s craziness, it’s often drawn back to a lack of understanding or communication that gets manifested in behavior we’ll classify as ‘crazy.’

    Lastly, I love that you’ve embraced that element you see in yourself. There’s nothing basic about that, and don’t great things come of it?

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    1. I love your perspective on it! ๐Ÿ™‚ It really is a misused word, people tend to dismiss the things they don’t understand instead of trying to learn more about it. I am trying to embrace all aspects of my life – even the negative ones – to make myself happier ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. I think sometimes, some men call women crazy (and yes, some women call men crazy) because they don’t take the time to understand the behavior, to put the time and effort in. It’s much easier to just blow these imperfect humans off with a label that absolves them of all responsibility in the relationship, laying it all on the other’s doorstep. Ah, what could I do? The chick was crazy!

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  8. I’ve never met a guy who called all his exes crazy who wasn’t crazy himself. And the more I got to know him was the more I understood why his exes did the things they did. Sadly, my idiot husband that I’m trying to get rid of is one of those men.

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  9. If you meet someone and they say that all of their exes are psychos, bitches, crazy or nuts, then you have to ask yourself one question. What is the thing that all if these exes have in common? Then run far away, as fast as possible, so you donโ€™t also become one of them.

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  10. Excellent post!

    This kind of stuff annoys…. like when fat guys criticize fat girls. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ Truth be told, ainโ€™t none of us perfect. Donโ€™t think so highly of yaself… lol!

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  11. When I say this had me ready to tear up. I was labeled crazy after dealing with mental health issues an ex caused. If I have to be real, we were never meant for one another. Our first two years were a fairytale. He was perfect, but after multiple miscarriages, being abandoned in pregnancy, receiving a phone call from his side chick while I was in Labor, and being cheated on while I had to walk to the hospital In pain to deliver parts of our son for The last miscarriage all to find a video of him with the girl he told me was no one but a hoe that got passed around. Itโ€™s like I actually went crazy. Because a simple sorry, a simple I didnโ€™t mean to or โ€œitโ€™s your fault that I cheated, choked you etc. it hurt to realize maybe I am crazy because you force me to be defensive. Crazy is tricking yourself into believing anything that will numb the pain .
    I found later I wasnโ€™t crazy I was clinically depressed.

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      1. Oh itโ€™s fine certain some things help us growโค๏ธ thank you, I am healing even though itโ€™s been years. Iโ€™m learning to find ways to not let his manipulation get to me, since we have one child that was a successful pregnancy And thankfully years later I found a guy who is everything I have prayed for when I left the one I mention in the post.


  12. Well I prefer “crazy” girls with a little bit of drama to quiet, introverted ones. I mean, you’re hurt, speak up. Show me your love language and lemme give you my best.

    So being termed crazy by your man, is awesome.


  13. I really like your post…… It really show the outline that girls called crazy aren’t just crazy they are hurt broken that makes them behave the way they do……. But it’s really nice to be crazy sometimes it shows that you aren’t a sucker ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ(this my own thought).

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  14. You shouldn’t care what that guy or anyone else thinks of you. Be proud of who and what you are. Like you said, if you’re not crazy then you are probably boring. You just got to find someone who loves your crazy and go with it.


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