If We Were Having Coffee – November

If we were having coffee in November I’d tell you I’m very much over people right now. I could definitely use some time alone, doing nothing but cuddling my dogs.

When I get into moods like this it’s hard to not let it affect other parts of my life. It makes work especially more stressful and tiring.

We’ve gotten back into traveling recently, with our trip to Amsterdam and recent trip to Arizona. And even though I love the new experience and being somewhere that isn’t my norm, it’s exhausting.

TL;DR – I’m tired!

Luckily we did sneak a spa day into this month and I’m hoping to sneak another one in in December. I can’t believe how fast the holiday months fly by! Thanksgiving barely feels like it happened, Christmas will be here tomorrow, and then it will be the New Year.

What’s one exciting thing from your November?

6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – November

  1. Rosie, I totally get what you mean by wanting to stay away from people😊. I feel the same way sometimes 😄. Not that long ago I was walking a client’s dog and was overwhelmed by the amount of people I saw in my residental community…and it’s a small one too 😆! In November I had a very nice, quiet Thanksgiving with my family😊. My mother ordered a meal from a local grocery store and made her famous pumpkin pie😊👍!

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