2022 Word Of The Year Recap

Well, we’ve made it through another year. And at the beginning of the year I set my word of the year as: growth.

The past few years I feel like I’ve been letting outside factors dictate a lot of what I was doing. I was going with the flow, not really pushing myself. And actually I wasn’t really sure if I was capable of pushing myself. I’m a self proclaimed lazy gal and never really thought I would care about something enough to get me out of my comfort zone.

I checked in with my word over the summer, a time where I was being especially challenged at work. I used to blog a lot more before 2022 because I was thoroughly bored at work all the time, so I would write here to pass the time. Anyone who’s been here a while has probably noticed I blog less now. And that’s because I’m much more fulfilled at work.

It’s been different to feel supported and to feel proud of myself. I was promoted this year because of all my hard work. And if that’s not growth, I don’t know what is!

Outside of that, I found a new hobby at the beginning of the year. My love of reading is reestablished and as much as it’s the easier choice to come home from work and scroll on TikTok all night, I consciously choose to read more which is better for my brain and growth in finding something new that I love!

Do I still need to grow? Sure do. I am not great at keeping all my buckets filled. But that’s a task for another day, and for now I’m proud of my growth!

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