2023 Word Of The Year

I’ve been doing a word of the year since 2017 instead of resolutions. I’ve always been big on goals, I set them for myself year round and don’t really like tying them to resolutions. In past years my words have been well-being, enough, presence, adventure, growth, and acceptance.

In 2022, my word was growth, which I feel like I accomplished quite well.

In 2023, my word is going to be self-love.

I’ve been having a very hard time filling all my buckets and doing what’s best for me. And because I haven’t been able to do what’s best for me, I feel like I’ve just been tiptoeing around the people in my life and trying to please them even if it doesn’t make me feel good. Or I just shut down altogether and do nothing about anything.

I want to do better at protecting myself, at doing the things that make me happy, at surrounding myself with people who want the best for me.

I want to heal my inner child, I want to have fun again, without worrying about if I’m being a good friend, coworker, or significant other.

Because if I preserve myself and do what’s best for me, then the rest should fall into place or exit my life as necessary.

It seems harsh but I just want to grow and move on in the most positive way possible, and sometimes that means making hard decisions and making them selfishly.

What’s your word of the year?

5 thoughts on “2023 Word Of The Year

  1. I’ve seen a lot of people doing word of the year, and I love the idea but I really struggle to come up with one! I’m putting a lot of store by the phrase, ‘move the needle’ though so maybe I’ll have a phrase instead of a word. Wishing you all the best moving and healing through 2023.

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