Things You Only Need To Do Once

There are some things you only need to do once. I went to a drive thru holiday lights display a few years ago, no desire to do something like that again. Nashville is a place I’ve only ever felt the need to go to once. An 8 hour hike through New Hampshire mountains was certainly something I only needed to do once.

They’re fun to experience, but not something you ever really need to do again.

Unfortunately, I feel like a lot of my experiences lately are things I only need to do once – and they’re not even that fun. Like I’m running out of unique experiences to have.

I’m just in this funk where nothing feels new to me anymore. And every time I try to find something enjoyable to do, it’s reminiscent to one of those only-do-once things. But it’s nothing monumental like a 9 hour hike. It’s another museum trip. Another “interactive experience”. Another thing that takes time to drive to, a few hours of crowds, and then it’s over.

Recently, the idea of going out and doing things just brings me dread because of this. So I haven’t been doing anything at all. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve receded too far into my comfort zone, or if I’m just approaching a new phase in life and haven’t found what qualifies as fun yet.

7 thoughts on “Things You Only Need To Do Once

  1. This makes me sad. Do you think there is a way that you can try and reframe each experience as something different? As an example: I used to, like most everyone else, dislike rainy days. They were dark, gloomy, dreary… but then I forced myself to rethink how to view rain; cleansing, healing, nurturing. I take comfort in the ‘gloom’ now mostly preferring it to the harshness of the bright sun. Just a thought…

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  2. Hmm that’s quite difficult! Sometimes unique experiences are to be treasured – which is why they’re unique, but I do understand what you’re saying about wishing there were more! Maybe it’s about exploring yourself as well as new places too?! 😆

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