When Is It Over?

Sometimes, due to human nature, we just have a problem with ending something we’ve gotten comfortable with. Even though we know what we’re doing isn’t right for us, it would just be more of a hassle to learn to live a new way.  

I’ve done it before. I lived a life where I was unhappy, but couldn’t recognize it because it was all that I knew at the time.  So how do we separate that familiar feeling from our emotions to truly know that we’re happy?

It’s over when you find yourself happier alone than when you’re with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s not like you don’t enjoy it when you are together, but being apart seems to be much more fulfilling.

It’s over when you don’t feel the need to tell your significant other everything. Remember when you got an A on a paper you worked really hard on and you immediately sent them a text about it? Now you’re just telling your roommates and they are just as proud of you and it’s just as fulfilling.

It’s over when you find yourself interested in other people. Not that I don’t think you can flirt a little or look a little while in a relationship, but when you’re starting to question your commitment – that relationship is long gone.

It’s over when you’re fighting in an unhealthy way. He saw you post a picture of you and a guy friend and he flipped out for no reason. He didn’t answer your texts all day and he flipped out for no reason. All of these fights are stemming from deep down insecurities of a bad relationship.

It’s over when they’re just so annoying. Why are you acting that way around your friends? Why did you text me good morning today? Ugh.

It’s over when your future is becoming more you and less weYou’ve always had your own plans, but now you’re jet a little less concerned about where your significant other is going to be in these plans. He wants to live in the city and you don’t, and you’re just going to ignore it because you know deep down it’s not going to matter.

It’s over when you’re gut is telling you it’s over. A lot of people choose to ignore these feelings because it’s going to make life a little more difficult to end the relationship than gritting your teeth and bearing it.  In the long run, you won’t regret listening to your intuition.

4 thoughts on “When Is It Over?

  1. I ignored my gut when it said it was over. I married the man and had children with him knowing my heart wasn’t in it. On hindsight, I should have stopped and listened to the intuitive part of me that knew it was all wrong. I hope your sage words of advice help someone not make the same mistake,

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