If We Were Having Coffee – January

If we were having coffee this month I’d tell you it flew by! While I felt endlessly busy during the holiday season, things seemed to slow down a bit during this month. It’s been a good month to try to shift my perspectives and get ready for a new year.

I’d also tell you that I found a new hobby! What else is new? But my coworker gave me a sourdough starter so now I’ve been on a sourdough bread kick. The process from start to finish takes about 2 days so it’s nice to keep my hands busy with something, and I’ve been producing really nice loaves!

One thing about me is if I can’t pick up a hobby and be successful at it almost immediately I’ll probably ditch it.

Which is why my reading kick has slowed down a bit. I’ve read a few books this year and have felt generally uninspired by them.

What’s one fun thing from your January?

One thought on “If We Were Having Coffee – January

  1. Yum, sourdough…

    My January, work was stressful but life outside of work was pretty good. It’s not exactly sustainable, though. I had three great karaoke nights with friends, but those friends and all the good karaoke places I know are kind of far from me, 30-40 minutes driving, so I end up getting little sleep and then having to get up in the morning. I can’t do that all the time without feeling really stressed at work. And the other thing that happened three weeks ago isn’t going to happen every week either…

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