My 10 Year Plan

My life in its current form is fine. But there are SO many things about it that I really don’t find sustainable. I’m almost 30 and I’ve learned so much about myself and what I want. But it’s really hard to put those things into action, because of all the real world things that get in the way.

My 10 year plan includes a lot of opposites of what I’m doing now.

In 10 years, I don’t want to care about social media at all. I don’t want to work in it. I don’t want to care about my digital footprint. I don’t even want it to exist.

Social media is a huge part of my life because I grew up on it, built a hobby out of it, and focused my career around it. But it’s mentally draining.

And in 10 years, I want to feel confident. I don’t want to be flip flopping between dieting and hating myself and caring what other people think. I want to dye my hair green because I want to. I want to be healthy and love my body.

I want to live in a house with floor to ceiling bookshelves in a state that I love. Which might just not be New Jersey. I want an endless amount of dogs to dote on and rescue.

I want to find a new passion and stick to it.

I just haven’t found any of that yet. I’m a big sucker for wanting things to change drastically and pretending that those changes will make everything all better. But I feel like my 10 year plan is realistic in its changes, they are things I’ve had 30 years to think about and I hope I can take action towards them in the near future.

2 thoughts on “My 10 Year Plan

  1. I’ve never understood the mass appeal of having a major social media presence. I have Facebook because it was the first one I signed up for (because of peer pressure; I didn’t even make my own account) and that’s it. I’ve never had Instagram or Twitter and I think I’m a better version of myself for it. Not only is it good for my mental health, I’m also not spending hours and hours scrolling through the multiple platforms wasting my time away. I do that enough on FB and Pinterest…

    I hope you achieve all of this and more in 10 years time. ❤


  2. It is advantageous to plan, but life gets in the way of a follow-through. I recall thinking similar things in a conceptual sense at 30, and realized if it was to be, it was up to me. That changed my trajectory in a good way. All the best for your 10 year plan,


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