Healing Your Inner Child

My favorite thing about being adult is doing all the things I didn’t get to do as a kid.

I can buy the things I want, get piercings and tattoos, dye my hair pink, spend as much as I want at the carnival, go to different fun events, stay up late watching movies.

More recently, I realized I’ve been doing a lot to heal my inner child.

I have A LOT more fun doing kid stuff like having game nights, petting alpacas, and casting spells in Harry Potter world than I do going to a bar or idk what else adults do for fun stereotypically.

I didn’t have a bad childhood, but I was a middle child and I also feel like I didn’t have much of an outlet to explore my interests or even a venue to determine what my interests were.

My parents kind of just put me in the things my sisters did like Girl Scouts and soccer. I remember trying something new as a cheerleader and I liked that a little bit. But I was also teased by my sisters. And even as I started to express myself more as I got older, I was teased by classmates or didn’t quite fit in. And at that time in my life, fitting in was important.

I’m in my late twenties and just now feeling like I have the ability to explore my interests, to try everything and anything and not care what people think about it.

But I do feel like I have a long way to go to heal my inner child. I guess that’s the fun of being an adult with no kids and a steady income though, the world is currently my oyster.

9 thoughts on “Healing Your Inner Child

  1. Healing is really tough, but it is a great goal. I had a really rough childhood and I have spent years trying to make sense of it and heal from the trauma of it. Either way, looking at the past with the intent on healing is always an admirable thing. Kudos to you!

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  2. Being an adult sounds so exciting! I just need to get through school first before I’ll have more of my own time and place. I’m doing more of what I want little by little but I can’t imagine how much more freedom I’ll have when I leave the nest!

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