Moving On Professionally

It can be really really hard to decide when your time is up at a job.

I have only worked at two different companies after graduating college, so my experience is limited. But at my first job, I was there 6 months and knew there was no real growth potential there because I was their only marketer on staff and I was making peanuts. There were some other red flags and even fresh out of college I knew it was time to move on.

It’s easy to start applying to jobs, go on a few casual interviews. It’s hard to say goodbye to the people you work with every day, who you eat lunch with every day, people you’ve grown so close with. And it’s hard to turn your back on a place that gave you a job, a great opportunity, and the skills to move forward.

Now I can easily tell when I need to move on when I feel like I’m not being challenged or I am just generally unhappy from day to day. So I give myself two options: 1. Ask for a change or 2. Find a new job. Once you make the decision to move on, you’re faced with the time consuming work of applications and interviews. It can seem daunting, it can even convince you to stay where you are just a little bit longer because of all the time it takes.

But we all do it, we all move on. And your employer really should be happy for you, their goal should have always been to help you grow and if there is no place for you to go with that growth then it should be clear to them you will move on. If your employer isn’t like that, then it should also be clear to them that you won’t be sticking around.

It’s hard to move on professionally, but the risk is so necessary. For your happiness, your health, and your development.

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Why I Wear Lipstick On Tuesdays

Most people hate Mondays. And I understand why. You come back into work from a fun weekend with tons of emails and a lagging brain.

But I don’t hate Mondays. I like coming in refreshed from the weekend and catching up on everything. It’s Tuesdays, the day where all of my work piles up on me, that really causes me a lot of stress.

It got to the point where the dread was so heavy that I needed to figure out something to do. Our office tries to not wear black on Tuesday, because let’s face it we all wear black probably way too often. But apparently it’s also bad for your chakra – I don’t know if this is true, but I can’t really afford any more bad juju.

I also took it upon myself to wear lipstick on Tuesdays. It is just the one thing that makes me feel pretty and the one thing that brightens my day. I start my Tuesdays with a bright pink smile and that makes it just the tiniest bit better.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. We can’t always make the changes we want, I can’t just not come into work on Tuesdays. But I can make the whole experience a little brighter and better.

And that’s how I try to approach everything in life. I might not be able to change the bad things completely, but I can make them a little more bearable if I try.

When Your Brain Is In Summer Mode

I don’t know about you guys, but around where I live it has been 70 and sunny every day. It is making work extremely hard.

When it first started getting nice, I came in on a Monday and had the most Mondayest Monday ever. I personally don’t mind Mondays too much, because they are catch up days and relatively easy. It’s Tuesdays I don’t like, but this Monday was extremely hard.

It got nicer throughout the week and I came in the next Monday and just could not get my brain to work. I couldn’t get the simplest of tasks down. I was emailing the wrong people and attaching the wrong documents. I just could not hang.

My brain is on total summer mode right now. It doesn’t help that I haven’t taken a real vacation day since January, my last actual vacation day was spent going to 4 different doctor appointments, superrrr exciting.

Now I am just trying to get back on track. I am making lists and going outside for lunch and planning trips for the future to keep my brain occupied. I think this is the first time I ever wished for it to not be nice out since I’m stuck inside from 9-5 for 5 days out of the week.

I really need to stop being tired and get outside after work and do some fun things. I’ve been in winter mode so long, I’m still trying to adjust.

What do you guys do when your brain is in summer mode?

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Dating Someone Who Is Stuck In The Future

There are people who are attached to their past, people who are desperate to live in the present, and people who are always reaching for the future.

People and incidents in my past left my life uncertain.  I thought I had it all planned out.  I knew when I was going to get married, what the colors were going to be, what kind of dress I was going to wear, and what flowers we would have.  I knew I wanted kids, I had their names picked out and a certain number in mind. I had chosen where I wanted to live and what I wanted my house to look like. There was very little I was uncertain of, but then it all changed, as most things do.

Because of this uncertainty, I tried my best to live in the present. I started living life a little louder, drinking more, meeting people, going out and making an impression. As much as I tried to live in the present and escape the past, I found myself wandering towards the future.

All of my thoughts became so future focused that the present wasn’t even a concern. If I was dating someone, my immediate thoughts were how it would work long term.  It’s impossible to know how a relationship will work (I learned it the hard way), but I always dismissed boys before anything serious began because I just thought it wouldn’t work in the future.

I don’t know where I’ll be next week, let alone months from now.  Would it become long distance? Would I meet someone else?  Would we have to break up? How awful would that be?

Now I’m not sure how many kids I want or if I want kids at all, so I think about it a lot. I’m thinking about getting a job, what that job will lead to, and the job after that.  I’m concerned about where I’m going to live, if I’m moving home, or if I’m moving out.  My brain is constantly hurtling towards things that haven’t even happened yet.

So how do you date someone who can’t stay in the moment? My only advice is to catch me while I care. I’m assuming when I find the person I’m meant to be with, they’ll bring me into the moment. If you want to date someone who is constantly concerned about the future, you need to make them realize how important and wonderful the present will be.  Otherwise, they’ll keep moving forward and they’ll be doing it alone.

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