Bumble BFF – First Impressions

I’ll start this off by saying I haven’t met up with anyone in real life from Bumble BFF. And I’ll follow it up with saying that I hated dating and making friends is just like dating…so I hate this also.

If you’ve been following me for a few months now, you’ll know I’ve had little faith in Bumble BFF from the beginning. Trying to capture if someone will make a good friend from their photos and a few sentences on their profile is impossible. But for an introvert like me, it’s the easiest way to get myself out there.

So I tried. I swiped and widened my age range and location range to get a good group of people. I matched. I started conversations and let them be started by the other party. And they all fizzled within a couple hours. Shallow small talk makes it hard for you to actually get to know someone and if you’re anything like me, I hate texting in the first place so it’s hard to even get past that small talk.

Someone on the app told me that unless you make plans, real plans not just floating the usual “oh yeah let’s hang out.” Then you won’t actually become friends. This turned me off the app because it almost seems like you have to match someone, have a short conversation, then meet up with them immediately.

I haven’t given up completely. I didn’t delete the app from my phone. But I’ve been keeping busy on my own so it doesn’t feel like a good time anymore to try to incorporate someone else into my life.

If you have any Bumble BFF success stories, I’d love to hear them in the comments! Maybe I’ll get back to swiping one day.

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The Hookup On: Pokémon Go

Let me just start by saying that I’m pretty much the worst nerd ever. I like nerdy things, but I never really know enough about them to be knowledgeable so I’m just kind of weird.

Anyway, when Pokémon Go came out I downloaded it right away. Mostly because everyone else was doing it and partly because my tiny, unknowledgeable inner nerd was super excited.

A lot of people have jumped at every opportunity to hate on the game. I’ve heard the stories of people playing and driving or getting into car accidents or trespassing into people’s yards – but as with anything, people just do stupid things sometimes. Pokémon Go didn’t need to come out for that to happen.

I’ve seen a lot of positive things come out of it. People thought it was going to be hyped up for like a week then disappear, but I still see a lot of people walking around with the app open. That in itself is great, people actually get up to play this game.

I actually get up to play this game. Seriously the other day I went to the gym then walked around outside the gym just so I could incubate and hatch one of my Pokémon eggs. I’ve gone outside and exercised more in the past couple of weeks only because of Pokémon Go. It’s pretty crazy.

As an unknowledgeable nerd, I read a bunch of articles along the way to learn about some of the key points of the game. Otherwise, other people who play have given me tips and tricks. It’s all about communication, you get to meet new people and talk about this game that you have in common which is another plus.

Now, if I’m being honest I kind of suck at Pokémon Go – especially for someone who plays it so much. But all in all, the app doesn’t need any hate. It is only looking to get people out and talking about a fun game. If we’re going to hate on anything, it might as well be the fact that Instagram has added 24 hour stories. Like that’s just pointless…



6 Reasons I Stopped Answering You On Tinder

  1. You asked for my number after 1 minute of conversation

Like the whole point of messaging through the app is so I have a little privacy.

2. You asked me out on a date after a 5 minute conversation

You are a stranger!!

3. You never ask questions in return.

Please don’t answer my questions in fragments and expect me to keep the conversation rolling

4. I realized your Tinder bio says some pretty weird things

Sometimes I get a little swipe-happy and go off of looks instead of your bio

5. I googled you and found some not so great stuff

Like, you look nothing like your tinder pics.

6. We are just different

We’re not vibing, we have nothing in common, and I’m pretty sure you’re just messaging me out of boredom.

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A Month On Match.Com: A Review

So I paid $20 for a month on Match.com because I figured the only thing I had to lose was 20 bucks. I just got paid that week, my life was kind of boring, it was like one in the morning and the term “yolo” heavily influenced my decision.

Admitting to paying for a dating app is definitely not something I wanted to do, but if I can help someone or just offer some general advice, then I will suck it up and admit it.

Dating sites like Match and EHarmony often advertise with “Start for free today!” What they don’t tell you is that the free versions are actual garbage. Match would let people see your pictures and profile, but when you got a message you couldn’t read it unless you upgraded. EHarmony let you see messages and profiles, but you couldn’t see their pictures. Most of us are at least the tiniest bit shallow, so pictures kind of seem like a must. And obviously so is the ability to read messages.

EHarmony was really expensive and made me sign up for months at a time, Match just happened to have the $20 option available through the app store.

It was a huge waste of $20.

Everyone on Match was kind of odd and I rarely even received messages. They were also a lot older than me and when they did message me it wasn’t really something I wanted to answer. At least on EHarmony they gave you a really intense dating profile that matched you with people (I’m assuming accurately).

Match didn’t have a lot of people in my area which is pretty odd because on all the free online dating apps there were plenty of people in my area. Almost too many. And when I would swipe through the discover page, the app would show me people from all over the world. How is that helpful? I’m a 22 year old from New Jersey, I’m not going to meet someone from Alaska. That’s weird.

In a nutshell, you’re way better off trying the free apps before you try Match.com. I’ve also read many reviews stating that they will give you a really hard time with cancelling your account. Many people are overcharged. I signed up through Itunes so I’m hoping to avoid this debacle, I’ve heard that people’s memberships just keep getting renewed and they are charged without being to contact anyone in customer service or get their money back. I read enough reviews about this to mention it because it’s definitely something to worry about and keep in mind. But honestly I knew Match sucked after just two days on it. Don’t waste your time or money.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/spyrospapaspyropoulos/
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/spyrospapaspyropoulos/

Online Dating: The Worst Pick Up Lines

I’ve given online dating a shot for about a week now. I downloaded OKCupid, Skout, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Match, Down, and EHarmony.  I deleted half of these apps right off the bat – they suck.

The other half led me to some very interesting first liners. These are literally screenshots of the first message a person chose to send to me.  They’re terrifying and hilarious so I thought I’d share with the world 🙂

In case you were wondering, I didn’t message any of these people back.


That will not be necessary, please leave Rhode Island be.


All of my pictures are selfies…


Who or what is Rosie the nosy neighbor? Can someone explain this, is it an inside joke or something??


Thanks, but I am on here so what does that mean?


First of all, the word “summary” was literally spelled out for you in my summary. And what if I am a hipster, jeez.


I would like to reiterate this is the first message he sent me. About his tight tush.

Straight and to the point.

This one literally terrifies me.


Not really, no.IMG_1673

Wtf does this mean? And why do people keep complimenting my name as if I named myself??

Why You Should Probably Delete Tinder

I don’t think there are many reasons behind why we use social media. Sure, you can use it for your branding, to meet people, to read the news – but we mostly use it because we’re bored.

Tinder is no exception.

My generation loves instant gratification. We love getting likes on our pictures and retweets and favorites. We like being able to see right away how much people like us, or how funny they think we are, or how pretty they think we are. So when Tinder came out, it was kind of all of that instant gratification rolled into one.

All it took was a swipe to see if a boy you think is cute also thinks you’re cute. You can rack up your matches swipe by swipe. You can receive messages that instantly tell you how you look like so much fun, you have a great smile, I want to get to know you.

Unless you’re actually using Tinder to date (and not just hook up) maybe you should delete your app now. Instant gratification doesn’t get you very far. It picks you up out of your dreary mood for a few minutes until you realize you don’t like this person, you don’t want to talk to them, and matching with them didn’t solve any of your problems.

Disclaimer: I’m not deleting my Tinder app.

Partly because I always convince myself that I will eventually use it for dating. And partly because yeah, I love instant gratification. When I’m bored and in my sweats and feeling like a hot mess, my pictures on Tinder show me at my best and boys give me attention as soon as I open the app and swipe right. I’m one step closer to realizing how completely empty this is, but I’m not quite convinced yet.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nathaninsandiego/
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nathaninsandiego/