10 Things I Never Knew I Needed In A Boyfriend

I was very independent before getting in a relationship and didn’t think I’d become so dependent when I got into one. But it’s not dependence in a bad way, it’s dependence in the way that now I have someone to help, someone to lean on, and someone to be there for me. I didn’t know I needed all these things until I had them. Here are 10 things I never knew I needed in a boyfriend:

  1. Someone who lets me win sometimes, but not all the time.
  2. Someone to take care of me.
  3. Someone who might not necessarily find joy in all the things I like to do, but will come with me and pretend to enjoy them anyway.
  4. Someone who will put my success and future first when the time is right.
  5. Someone who is more fearless than me, because I’m a chicken who likes to make big plans with no execution.
  6. Someone who will squash the bugs, open the jars, and make me lunch when I’m too tired.
  7. Someone who is willing to put in an equal amount of work, if not more.
  8. Someone who sees right through my mood swings.
  9. Someone who would do anything for me, but can still take care of themselves.
  10. Someone who is there, all the time, but you still miss when they leave for an hour.
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Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

The People Who Build You Up

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmcgphotography/
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmcgphotography/

Sometimes, people just don’t get enough credit.  We often see the bad before we can ever see the good.  Even if we do see the good, one bad thing will change every pretty thought we’ve had about someone into something ugly.

So here’s a big thank you to the people who build me up.

It’s rare to find the special people in your life that just want to succeed.  It’s in our human nature to do better than others and to be the best we can be.  Therefore, it’s in our human nature to want other people to fail.

When searching for people to surround yourself with, always look for the people who want the best for you.  Whether it’s a girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, boss, or your family – your inner circle should only contain those who want to see you happy.  You can tell them your secrets, fears, and excitements because they’ll keep them hushed, they’ll calm you down, and they’ll be jumping for joy right next to you.

Even the most independent of people need someone to tell them “you can do it” and “great job!” We’ll never be tough enough to live without these kind of people.

Ditch the people that only live to bring you down.  The people who get jealous of your accomplishments rather than pop bottles of champagne with you, the people who whisper behind your back about your worries instead of calm you down, the people who consistently say you aren’t good enough – they can all go.  Because there are people in this world who love you enough to build you up, so cling to them, and don’t forget to thank them.