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I’m in Egypt this week! I haven’t had time to write a lot of posts in November due to work obligations and planned trips. So while I’m away, why not catch up on some of my favorite posts that you might have missed? I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving 🙂 xoxo Rosie

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  2. Living with Migraines
  3. Why I Deleted My Facebook
  4. Mid-Relationship Crisis
  5. Finding a Home in People

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As my blog grows, I love to be able to connect with everyone on all platforms! Some of my summer bucket list goals stem around social media, so I’d love if you could give me a follow and help me out! 🙂 Drop your links below so everyone can check you out.

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Happy Birthday To Me

Today I turned 25! I am feeling pretty old now, for a while I’ve been clinging to this whole “post grad” thing, but now that I’ve been out of college for 3 years I’m basically just an adult.

I don’t get ID’ed anymore, the only people who think I still look like a college student are my dentists, and when I visited my sorority a month ago and told them when I pledged they all gaped at me and couldn’t believe how long ago that was. SIGH.

Day to day, I feel pretty stressed about my life. But looking back today, I am very happy with how much I’ve accomplished and where I am. I’m stable, I’ve found myself, and there is so much exploring to be done.

I’ve been writing this blog since I was 21 – some of you have actually been here from the beginning so just to make you all feel old, you’ve been reading my blog for four years of my life!! It’s unbelievable to me.

Thank you to all my og readers and thank you to all my new ones. I am literally always in awe when someone tells me they read my blog and enjoy/relate to what I write because even after all these years I feel like why would anyone care about what I have to say?

I really appreciate all of you, thank you for making my years that much more enjoyable. 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving!

To all who are on WordPress today –

Happy Thanksgiving! I am forever grateful for anyone who is reading this right now or for anyone who has read my blog ever.

I have changed and grown over the past two years, much of which I was able to cope with because of this community. Because sometimes I complained about boys and you guys related. Because sometimes I was completely lost and you guys gave me advice. Because sometimes I reached awesome goals and you guys congratulated me.

I am thankful for all of you and hope you have the best Thanksgiving and holiday weekend!




When Life Doesn’t Go According To Plan

Even if you aren’t a planner, I’m sure you have some sort of plan. A map of what the next five years looks like, a list of what you’re going to do this weekend, an idea of what the future holds.

But plans have a funny way of never working out the way we want them to. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. In fact, it almost never does.

And this can be discouraging. Because for some of us, planning is all we have. It’s the only way to keep the anxiety down and to keep us moving forward. It’s the little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

When life doesn’t go according to plan, it’s not the end of the world.

We need to make plans, but we also need to keep an open mind. In order to survive, we have to roll with the punches. Take the left turns that come out of nowhere. Keep running towards the light at the end of the tunnel – even if it keeps getting further and further away.

We can’t plan life. We can’t make sure every detail is going to work out the way we want. All we can do is control the way we face it. Confronting it with an open and positive attitude. Laughing it off when it goes awry and finding a solution light heartedly.

Stop making things so heavy, stop using these plans as a crutch. A crutch that will inevitably fall out beneath you. Duck, dodge, roll, and push forward. Because when life doesn’t go according to plan, there’s probably something even better waiting for you.

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What Blogging Has Taught Me

Blogging has taught me about community.

I grew up with Myspace, Xanga, and Facebook. I grew up with virtual friends – but none of them ever became as important to me as the WordPress community is. There are people who have amazing advice here and there are people who benefit from my advice. It is a constant give and take, full of appreciation.

Blogging has taught me about passion projects.

There will always be work and school, but you need something outside your day to day responsibilities to keep you motivated. Writing makes me happy, this community helps me grow, and other people’s blogs teach me more than the things I learn in school or in the workplace.

Blogging has taught me that most things in life take hard work and time.

I didn’t see any successes in Hookup Culture until about a year ago even though I’m a couple years in. I learned how to be better and when I slack, I see my hard work drop in stats. This is important to me now so putting in the work and finding the time is important to me.

Blogging has taught me to celebrate small successes.

Every single person you reach is as great as every ten people you reach.

Blogging has taught me I can make an impact.

Even if it’s small, even if I’m not changing the world. I get emails and comments where people sympathize with my situations or needed to hear what I had to say. I want to help, even if it’s just one person at a time.

Blogging has taught me to embrace myself.

Support yourself, be proud of yourself, be your own number one fan. Everything else will fall into place once you start believing in everything you can do.

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My Updated Summer Bucket List!

About a month ago, I posted my summer bucket list here. With about a month to go, I thought I’d give an update on where I’m at now and some things I’ve added on. It has been proven that writing down your goals will help you to achieve them, but to share your goals with others will hinder your success.

I definitely think there’s a little truth to both parts. So while I’m sharing my summer bucket list with you, I will keep some of my goals a secret – but most I will share here with you:)

        1. Read 15 books (updated to a more realistic goal)
        2. Get back into a fitness routine
        3. Visit Nashville
        4. Visit Washington D.C.
        5. Reach 1000 WordPress followers
        6. Dye my hair a crazy color
        7. Shop at farmer’s markets/more locall
          Most of my veggies come from farmer’s markets now 🙂
        8. Visit the beach at least once a month
          Not worried about this one, I’m there alllll the time: see it here!
        9. Paint a cooler
        10. Reach 2000 Instagram followers
        11. Reach 450 Facebook likes
        12. Be mindful about what I eat
        13. Redo my blog
          Have you checked it out?
        14. Visit at least 5 outdoor parks
        15. Go to at least 5 concerts
        16. Go to a soccer game
        17. Watch Italy win the Eurocup
          They didn’t even make it to the finals lol 😦
        18. Be happy
          This one has been going well, but I’ve been more stressed than usual so I’ve added a new goal!
        19. Be receptive and friendlier in general
          This one was new and I’ve been doing really well 🙂
        20. Try and de-stress


Let me know some of the items from your bucket list! And if you have any suggestions for me, I’m open:)