Don’t Make Me Feel Crazy

Women are called crazy, like a lot.

In a lot of cases, but not all, men make us crazy.

I’ve embraced my little insane side, I have embraced that there are things that grind my gears and that I’ll blow up at. It doesn’t matter what gender you are – we all have a little bit of crazy in us.

One of the things that drives me nuts in a relationship is when you feel there is a problem, but your partner doesn’t see it. They act like you’re making it up in your head. You took the time to express something that made you unhappy and they just shrug it off as you being crazy.

An example of this is when there is cheating in a relationship or some kind of mistrust. One person senses the weirdness, the other one insists that nothing is going on. You become convinced that you are just creating problems in your head. That disconnect will drive you crazy.

But an argument like this can happen at any time over any thing. Even if there isn’t mistrust or cheating or a miscommunication – shrugging off an argument can occur at any time.

Don’t make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel like they’re crazy. Acknowledge their concerns and address them the best you can. Because when you make them seem minimal or see them as made up – your relationship will take a hit. If someone feels that something is wrong, even if it’s so out there or so small, there is something wrong to them. And you need to make them feel better about it.

Don’t call us crazy. Don’t make us feel like our problems don’t exist. Relationships take communication and work. Even if you don’t see what they see, you need to start learning how to try to feel what they feel.

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To The Guys Who Call Girls Crazy

Honestly, if you aren’t a little crazy you’re probably kind of boring. Guy or girl – we all have a little crazy hidden inside of us.

But for every girl you call “crazy” is a guy that drove her to be that way. There is a guy who broke her heart, causing her to dismiss love. There is a guy who cheated on her, causing her to not trust anyone. There is a guy who neglected her, causing her to text twenty times in a row.

A lot of times we try to beat guys to the punch and call ourselves crazy. It’s kind of like when the nerdy kid in school would call himself a nerd so it wasn’t fun to make fun of him anymore. We call ourselves crazy to soften the blow, because maybe if we say it jokingly no one will think it’s true.

No one will know we got our hearts broken. No one will know we got cheated on. No one will know we were neglected or abused or put down. Because we’ll chalk it all up to being crazy.

So, to the guys who call girls crazy. I hope you’re just saying it with nice undertones or in a joking way. If you’re not, stop. Stop going around and spreading the rumor that that girl is a psycho. Stop telling all your friends that chick is crazy. Because YOU are the reason she is acting crazy. And if not you, it’s because someone else has already driven her crazy.

Let us repair our broken hearts the only way we know how – carrying our crazy on our sleeve. We are open, honest, and loving women who have only known sadness, lies, and betrayal.

I may be a little crazy, but I’d rather be crazy than be a bad person – like you.

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