Our Adopt Don’t Shop Story

I was supposed to go to Rhode Island this past weekend for a quick getaway, but plans changed fast.

My boyfriend and I moved in together a couple months ago. But before we even had the conversation about moving in, we were talking about getting a dog. I’m a huge animal lover and have wanted a dog since I graduated college. I had a couple of set backs on my journey to adoption.

One reason being that I didn’t have enough space, money, or time for a while and I knew it was unfair at that point in my life to get a dog. Another setback being, I’ve been bitten in the face twice by two separate dogs on two separate occasions that required a significant amount of stitches – really, that was just bad luck. And lastly, the dog I grew up with passed away not too long ago and it really hit me hard.

But still, we talked about getting a dog for a while and the longer we lived together the more and more we started looking at adoption sites. I had volunteered at a shelter when I first graduated and on Wednesday of last week the most perfect dog became available for adoption. We initially thought we would adopt her and come back to get her after the trip, but that wasn’t really realistic as we would have a hard time leaving her alone after falling in love with her.

I was a little panicky the first couple days, as seems to be the trend with big decisions. We are going to be responsible for this little pup for the rest of her life, I just was nervous we were taking a step a little too early. But we are finally beginning to get settled with her, even though we are facing typical puppy challenges that I will write about later on.

World, meet Kaya. She’s a little over 1 year old, the shelter thinks she is a chow/terrier mix, and she had puppies only a few months ago. She is a great dog and is already pretty well trained! We love her so much already! ­čÖé Did you adopt your pet? I’d love to hear about your adoption experience in the comments!

10 Things Tired People Understand

1. Your bed is the love of your life.

Seriously, I’m unsure that I’ll ever love a human being as much as I love my bed and heated blanket.

2. “Sorry, I was napping” is the┬ánumber one excuse.

Why didn’t I text you back? I was obviously asleep…

3. Early risers are just plain annoying.

No, I don’t want to get breakfast with you – I’ll be asleep.

4. Leaving the party early just to sleep is the norm.

Where am I going? Uhhh I have other plans… with my bed.

5. Life without caffeine is no life at all.

I’m basically a zombie until I have a diet coke with lunch.

6. If you’re already in bed, you’re not going out.

Like I will cancel on you because I’m wrapped up in my bed like a burrito and I’m not really sorry about it.

7. A “nap” is really just a second bed time.

Why can’t I sleep for 5 hours during the day? Who made these rules?

8. You get jealous of your pets

I seriously walk past my dog snoozing every morning and say a little prayer that I will one day be a dog.

9. You go to bed tired and wake up tired.

Always tired. No matter what.

10. You are always just a different level of tired.

There’s an ‘I can probably go out and party’ tired, an ‘I’m getting really annoyed‘ tired, a ‘don’t talk to me I will kill you’ tired, or there’s just a ‘zero chance of functioning’ tired.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/seniju/

6 Reasons Why Your Pet Is Better Than Most People

1. They’re always down to cuddle.

You could put a ton of effort into finding a relationship that might not even work out or you could just buy a cuddly cat that’s always down to snooze.

2. They’re always waiting for you when you get home.

Your pet is so reliable! They spend most of their days just waiting for you.

3. They get what you’re feeling.

Pets are very in tune with your emotions. If they know you’re sad, they’ll come cuddle. ┬áIf everyone at work annoyed you today, they’ll sit quietly and cheer you up.

4. They can be lazy when you’re feeling lazy,

See number five.

5. And they can be active when you’re feeling active!

Those rare moments when you actually feel like going on a run or doing yoga in your living room, your pet is eager to join right in.

6. You are their whole life.

No matter what, you will be the most important thing in your pet’s life. Right next to food and being able to run around and sniff and lick things.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bullcitydogs/
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bullcitydogs/