The Hookup On: Misfit Vapor Smartwatch

Ever since adopting Kaya, I know my activity level has been up. I’ve skipped the gym a lot, but I walk her every single day. It’s funny to think how one little dog can help kick your butt into gear! I really wasn’t sure how much she was getting me up on my feet though until I started using the Misfit Vapor Smartwatch.

I haven’t used any kind of smartwatch or fitness tracking watch before. I sometimes used my phone’s health statistics but they were pretty unreliable.

The Misfit Vapor Smartwatch is very sleek and modern, I have it in all black. It’s a touchscreen smartwatch that puts everything you need to stay active and connected right on your wrist. I synced it to my iPhone, but it can also be used on Android phones!

Some of the features I love are that it can play music, track my heart rate, and it’s swim proof! I especially love that it connects to my phone and can show my all of my notifications and alerts from my phone.

After syncing up my watch, I realized that I walk 4x more now that I have Kaya! And I realized that I can definitely do better than that. Every month I make a goal to get more active, I’ve been wanting to get in better shape for so long now. I think this watch will provide me with the information and motivation I need to do just that! 🙂 Check it out at

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

The Hookup On: Arctic Zero Frozen Dessert!

One of the items on my fall bucket list is to be healthier. After I graduated college, I got on track with a work out routine and with the way I ate. I was pretty happy with myself!

But as the 9-5 work grind kicked in, I ate a little more and worked out a lot less. So I’m just trying to get back on that schedule again…it’s not going so great.

One of my major weaknesses is ice cream. Specifically, gelato. Whenever I have a stressful day at work (which inevitably happens often) I’ll grab a pint of gelato – southern butter pecan, if you were wondering.

I’m super excited about Arctic Zero’s frozen desserts though! I feel like it’s just the thing to get me back on track. Mostly because I can replace my bad ice cream habit with these pints – seriously, the whole thing is usually under 200 calories and it is SO good.

If you’ve been looking for a way to sneak your sweet treats in without feeling guilty, definitely check out Arctic Zero 🙂 I’ll just be over here eating the cookie dough flavor while you browse the website at

Find Your Passion Project

Unfortunately, for most people their job is not their passion. Also unfortunately, that job takes up a lot of their time. Between working and commuting and checking your emails on the weekend, our work ends up becoming our life. And if your work is not your passion, then you need a passion project.

You simply cannot live your life without some kind of passion. It doesn’t have to be a grand romance passion or the passion to climb up crazy high mountains. It can be something small, simple, and satisfactory. Something that takes the mundane out of your Mondays. Something that makes life seem more like just work.

For me, my blog is my passion project. The blogging community is a little escape from the real world. People compliment me and my writing, I get to express myself, it’s a win/win for me. I am also very lucky to have a job I am passionate about.

You can have more than one passion project – the more passion in your life, the better! The more things you’re excited about, the more exciting your life will be.

Some good examples of small and satisfactory passion projects are:

  1. Running/ exercise/ yoga/ etc.
  2. Painting/ writing/ arts and crafts/ etc.
  3. Volunteering at any non profit organization
  4. Church organizations
  5. Sports teams

Any tiny thing that you like, you can turn into a passion project! Do you like animals? Volunteer at an animal shelter. Do you like food? Taking some cooking classes or follow some youtube tutorials and post your meals on Instagram! Do you like football? Join a fantasy league, make watching your games a time of relaxation, fun, and stimulation!

Passion projects are a small puzzle piece to living a happier life – but sometimes we need all the help we can get! Try something out, because honestly what’s the worst that can happen? Eventually you’ll find something you love that makes life just a little sweeter.

If you have a passion project, or two, or three, tell me about it in the comments 🙂

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10 Great Things That Came From Being Dumped

1. The friendships I made

My relationship was so consuming it was completely holding me back from forming complete and amazing friendships.

2. Learning how to recover from a life changing event

It’s not easy and it wasn’t pretty, but I am a stronger person because of it and I know the next life changing event will be a little easier because of it.

3. Reconnecting with my family

Once again, my relationship was so time consuming that the time I spent with my family was also usually spent with my boyfriend.

4. The opportunity to be wild and free

I had the excuse of just being dumped to go crazy and do what I want to get it all out of my system and get me to the point of being level headed and happy.

5. Growing my career

My career path was always confusing and stifled when I was in a relationship because I was going to have to be where he was and do something with hours to accomadate him.

6. Growing my hobbies

I basically didn’t have hobbies in my relationships that didn’t include my boyfriend. I’ve learned new things and started this blog which is amazing in itself.

7. Realizing what is and is not healthy

Suffocating relationships are not healthy. Weekly pizza dates are not healthy. Skipping the gym because your boyfriend says you look fine is not healthy. I am an overall more fit and healthy person now.

8. The mini relationships I had since the big break up

Sure, most of them didn’t end so well. But I’ve had the chance to meet amazing people, form great bonds, and learn more about what I need from a partner.

9. Saving money

Like you would not believe how much money I have to spend on myself, to treat my friends, and spoil my family with ever since I became single.

10. Finding who I am

My relationships blinded me and I couldn’t separate myself from them. I am healthy, happy, strong, and able now. I never could have said that before.

So thank you.

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10 Relatable Things For People On A Diet

  1. You’re sick of hearing it’s a “lifestyle change”

I cannot give up bread for the rest of my life I’m sorry

  1. You only strictly diet when you have to look skinny for something

Maybe if I go to the gym three days in a row I’ll have a six pick for spring break

  1. You can’t give up alcohol

I just…..can’t

  1. Giving into cravings

Eating just a scoop of ice cream can’t be that bad… Maybe I’ll have two scoops…

  1. Counting calories has you questioning everything you learned in math/ science

Wtf is the difference between an ounce and a gram?? How many almonds is it?!?

  1. When people eat unhealthy and delicious food in front of you

Must resist the temptationnnn

  1. When you’re not seeing any results

Maybe I should just go back to eating a snickers every day

  1. Mindlessly eating during your favorite tv shows then remembering you’re on a diet


  1. Trying to busy yourself so you don’t eat anymore

I reorganized my sock drawer like six times today already but a seventh couldn’t hurt

  1. Actually seeing results

And realizing maybe it is a lifestyle change….

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5 Things That Make Me A Happier Person

As far as we know, the key to happiness has not yet been found. All we can really go off of is what generally makes us happier and betters our lives. I have found that these five things can make a world of difference when trying to improve your mood. These might not seem like the most ground-breaking discoveries, but you’d be surprised how much you neglect very basic necessities to being happy.

1.Downloading new music regularly

I let my playlists grow really old, but recently I realized the power of listening to new music or throw backs you haven’t heard in forever. Updating your playlists once a month will give you something fun to commute to work to or get ready to!

2. Exercise and eating right

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of exercising and eating healthy, I don’t do either too well. But the important part is to give it a shot, do something that will improve your quality of life a little. Don’t ignore the cupcake when you want to eat a cupcake – but also don’t eat a whole tub of ice cream in one sitting.

3. Hanging out with friends and family

It seems obvious, I know. But I think one of the main components to being unhappy is loneliness. So when you feel some sadness sneaking in, make plans with your friends or family to have something to look forward to. If you feel you don’t have a lot of friends or family to go to, then go run errands or to the gym and strike up a conversation with someone. You’re not alone and you don’t need to feel that way.

4. Writing it all down

As a writer, I clearly believe in the strong power of writing. Get a journal, start a note in your phone, create a blog, and just start writing things down. Things that make you sad or happy, things that you want to do with your life. Writing down your goals will especially give you a better chance of accomplishing them. When everything is laid out in front of you, it makes your problems and the solutions to those problems clearer.

5. Picking up new hobbies

I think having a hobby is now a thing of the past. When I was younger, people would ask me my hobbies and I’d be like ???? watching tv??? Going to work and school??? But now I’ve picked up knitting and crocheting (I know, I’m a grandma) and I started reading more again, as well as writing. Whether it be a sport, yoga, playing an instrument, learning to paint, or knit: picking up something new and accomplishing it will give you a sense of direction and give you something to do in your spare time.

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16 People You Should Ditch In 2016

1. The boy that never texts you back.

He’s not interested and he sucks.

2. The friend that only comes around when it’s convenient for them.

They didn’t show up to your birthday because of a hair appointment, but they’ll come to a party if it means free food.

3. The ex that still pops up every once in a while.

“We haven’t spoken in months and ended on bad terms, but how are you doing???”

4. The friend who hooked up with your ex.

Even if it was an “accident”, they probably haven’t done anything redeemable since.

5. The boy you’re just not interested in.

You don’t want to be mean, but he continues to text you even though you’ve made it obvious you’re not into it.

6. The Facebook friend with too many political opinions.


7. The “fitspiration” Instagram account that makes you feel fat.

You look fine, they just stay skinny for a living.

8. The Twitter follower that over dramatically shares too much information.

Do you want personal privacy or anything???

9. The high school friend who just isn’t a friend anymore.

You grew apart, face it.

10. The ex coworker that talks a lot of trash.

You don’t work with them anymore, they’re probably not needed.

11. The boy you went on a date with that one time.

There’s no reason to be Facebook friends, you just didn’t click.

12. The college friend who didn’t keep in touch.

They’re clearly too busy to care.

13. The really ambitious acquaintance that makes you feel bad.

It’s okay if you’re not traveling the world right now, but you don’t constantly need that reminder.

14. The acquaintance that is always asking for favors.

Can you donate to this gofundme? Can you like this page? Like I barely know you????

15. The boy that only comes around when it’s convenient.

“Hey I feel sucky about myself so I wanted to remind you that I exist and you still love me.”

16. Your negative self.

Any part of you that is old and dark and needs to change. Let it go and enjoy your new year and self.

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