Portland, Maine Advice Needed!

Every time I finish up a trip, I have another one already booked and in need of planning! We’ll be heading to Portland, Maine in the next coming weeks and would love any tips from someone who has been there!

Looking for ideas on things to see, unique spots as well as landmarks. Looking for places to eat (big fans of brunch if you have any suggestions there). And looking for some low key bars to visit at night. Any and all advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance!



Montreal Advice Needed!

Hi guys!

At the end of the month I will be heading to Montreal and seriously can’t wait!! I have a loose itinerary of what we will be doing, but I’d love to get some suggestions from anyone who has ever been there or lives there!

We will be staying in downtown Montreal. I would love suggestions for things to do as well as your favorite bars and restaurants.

Thanks in advance for all of your help!



The Hookup On: My Completed Fall Bucket List

Fall FLEW by!! I can’t believe winter is here. Tomorrow is the official last day of winter, so check out my fall bucket list below to see how busy I was this season 🙂 And stay tuned for my winter bucket list!

              1. Go pumpkin picking
              2. Go apple picking
                Sort of did this, by the time I got to go the season was over so I went to a farmer’s stand instead 🙂
              3. Bake apple things
                Homemade apple sauce!
              4. Visit Washington D.C.
              5. Go to 3 concerts
                Went to 2, close enough
              6. Put together a dope Halloween costume
                I was a half assed unicorn lol
              7. Get in better physical shape
                Still working on this
              8. Get a new ear piercing
              9. Learn to knit/crochet something new
                Baby hats 🙂
              10. Save money!!
              11. Reach 2,200 Instagram follower
              12. Reach 1,500 WordPress followers
                10 away from this goal!
              13. Make more time for friends
              14. Become more involved at work
              15. Bake pumpkin seeds
              16. Watch 13 Halloween movies
              17. Be happy

I almost did it all! I’m pretty proud of how much I accomplished this fall, but it was small list just like winter’s will be. I can’t wait for spring and summer to come back, but for now I’ll make the most of it!

The Hookup On: Free Graze Box!

I love food. A lot. And I swear I spend all day snacking at work because it’s the only thing that keeps me focused.

I signed up for a subscription with Graze to get a box of 8 snacks delivered to me once a month for around $11. Did I also mention I’m the laziest grocery shopper ever, so this is really convenient for me?

I just keep the box in my desk at work and munch all day long. The snacks are great, healthy, and portioned to be low calorie!

Visit graze.com and enter the code ROSIEK6LB to get a free Graze box! No strings attached, just make sure to cancel your subscription before the next box is shipped. If you decide to stick with it (like I did because honestly it’s the best subscription box I’ve ever used) you’ll also get your 5th box free if you use my code!

Nothing to lose, maybe a little to gain weight-wise because the snacks are addicting 🙂

Let me know if you use Graze or if you decide to use my code!

Washington DC Tips Wanted!

Hey guys!

I’m headed to Washington DC this weekend – so excited! For any of you that have been following my bucket lists, this one has been a goal for a while.

I plan on doing a lot of the touristy things because I haven’t been there in a while. But please let me know of any good brunch places/restaurants/or bars that you enjoy going to! I’m a huge foodie and huge brunch person so I need all the recommendations I can get! 🙂

And if you have any other suggestions of what to do throughout the day, I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance 🙂



8 Weird Things I Enjoy Now That I’m An Adult

I have fully accepted the fact that I am an adult. I’m 23, feel like I’m still an insecure 16 year old, but somehow work a 9-5 job, pay bills, and have to figure out how taxes work like yesterday. Here are 8 weird things I enjoy now that I have accepted adulthood:

  1. Grocery shopping
    I like checking all of the nutrition facts and shopping local, like I’ve gotten weirdly passionate about it.
  2. Coupons
    I save $6 on a $30 purchase at CVS and it was the highlight of my day.
  3. Having a day to get my errands done
    I spent my Sunday cleaning, running errands, and doing laundry instead of being hungover and miserable…
  4. Working
    I often have flashbacks to when I worked part time at a movie theater in high school and how horrid it was.
  5. Not going out
    I really enjoy not drinking every weekend, like a lot. Like, how did I ever do that in college?
  6. Cooking dinner
    I get so excited when I actually make something healthy instead of scarfing down a Taco Bell burrito in my car (I still do this sometimes though).
  7. Paying off my credit card
    I should be sad to see all that money go, but I’m actually just happy I make money now.
  8. Being boring
    Call me lame, boring, a wet towel – WHATEVER! I just want to lay in my pj’s after work and eat ice cream. I don’t care!

    photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/keemscorner/

The Hookup On: FREE Graze Boxes!

Okay, if you know me I’m all about everything free and I’m all about everything food. Also I sleep a lot, but that doesn’t really make sense to talk about here.

I got a free Graze box this week and I’m so impressed. I sign up for a lot of these deals where you get something free but you’re also signing up for a membership. This is the only membership I’m actually going to continue.

All of the food in my Graze box is so yummy and healthy. I’ve been trying to get myself on a health kick and this is really helping! It’s also actually affordable which is a big part of why I’m staying on for a membership.

If you want to try it out, you can get your 1st box FREE with my code ROSIEK6LP. Or you can just click here. If you don’t like it, you can cancel your membership and never get charged a thing. If you do like it and continue with the membership, you’ll also get your 5th box free by using my code 🙂

Guys, it’s free snacks. Who could pass that up?!?! Let me know if you tried a Graze box before! Also let me know if you use my code and end up getting one, I definitely want to know what you think!

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