When Life Hands You Lemons

Life has handed me a lot of lemons lately with very little sugar. If I were to try to make lemonade, let’s just say it would be very bitter.

If I back up and take deep breaths and get out of the moment – there have been plenty of good things that have happened to me recently. A lot of big steps, realizations, and falling back into place when I had felt disheveled. But that bad stuff really just feels like it’s piling up and burying anything good.

It’s at the point where life just feels like hit after hit after hit and nothing can go right. I love my new apartment, I love reconnecting with my friends, I love where I’m at with my job. But then my phone breaks, then I shell out thousands for my car over a three month time period, then I get sick and can’t enjoy the nice weather.

How do you really separate yourself from the bad when the feeling of all those things is so overwhelming? I think it takes a lot of support, a lot of positive vibes, a lot of things I just don’t have anymore or can’t appreciate anymore.

With the downs comes the ups – but how long do I have to hang out in the downs until I start climbing back up again?


If You’re Not Writing Down Your Goals, You’re Doing It Wrong

For most of my life, I don’t think I really had any goals. When the new year rolled around I’d say I wanted to lose weight or I wanted to go on more adventures. But those were just words that fell to the floor and disappeared as the days, weeks, months, and years went by.

In 2016, I started writing down my goals and I started writing them down monthly. I wanted to make a positive change in my life.

By writing them down, you will realize you have goals that you’ve never said out loud before. You will have a visual guide of things to strive for. Right before your eyes, you will see the development and finishing of ideas that will better your life.

Did you even know you wanted to lose 2 lbs by the end of the month? Did you even know you were capable of it? The idea may have been buried in the back of your head somewhere, waiting to be achieved. But unless you’re seeing it, living it, and striving for it – will it ever really get accomplished?

Split your goals up into long term and short term goals. And always remember to be realistic. You want to lose inches on your waist? That’s awesome! But it may be more of a long term goal than short term. You want to see your friends twice a month at least? You should! And make that a short term goal, make it happen now.

And always throw in little goals on top of your big goals, ones you know you can make happen. You’ve been wanting to add some positive pieces to your home. So write it down and go out and buy some plants this afternoon. You’ve already accomplished something, so imagine how much further you can go!

When the end of the month is nearing, you’ll see that you’re very close to reaching some of your goals and that makes you push harder to finish them before the next month begins. Or you’ll see that some of your goals just can’t happen this month, but it’s okay because you’ll work towards completing it next month.

Writing down your goals is the simplest way to motivate yourself and make life changes. The whole process has turned my entire life around and moving towards a more positive direction. Make the list and soon you’ll be crossing off those goals one by one. You’ll be so much closer to your dreams and your happiness.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/joestpierre/