My Plan To Becoming More Present

My word for 2018 is present because I find myself struggling to be happy in the moments I’m in. I wrote a post a while back asking for advice and a lot of you offered really manageable tips for me to integrate in my life.

So here’s a few things I am going to try to do to become more present. I don’t want it to be September of 2018 when I realize I’m just starting to get the hang of it, it’s something I want to happen now and be able to maintain for the rest of my life.

  1. Continue with my gratitude journal.
    I got a little off track with this so I will be writing, daily, the things I am grateful for.
  2. Do one thing every day that forces me to unplug.
    I am on technology constantly. I want to spend at least a half hour every day reading, painting, cleaning, taking a bath, or doing something offline.
  3. Set an alarm on my phone that makes me stop and think about how I feel in the moment.
    I’m thinking around 3:30 every day (around the time I am crashing at work) I will have my alarm go off and I will analyze my senses and feelings. It takes just a second to remind myself to snap out of the day dreams and enjoy today.

So far, that’s my plan! I think incorporating little things every day will help me get into a more present mindset on a large scale. I’m open to more tips if you’d like to leave them in the comments!

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Why You Need A Gratitude Journal

Do you get stressed out? Do you get in to slumps? Do you sometimes only see the negative in life?

Duh, we all do.

That’s why you need a gratitude journal. A place that you can come to when you’re feeling sad or hopeless or out of control. A place that will remind you of everything you need to get back on track.

Get a journal, choose a time and start writing down the things you’re thankful for. Whether it be once a day or once a week – whenever you need it.

When you’re having a bad day at work, write down that you’re grateful for a job. When you end a friendship, write about the people you are thankful for.

Whenever you feel sad or lonely, write down things to remind yourself about the positives. Or look back into the journal to kick start your memory.

It’s so easy to focus on the negative, a gratitude journal will show you the positives – at least for a little while.

I write down 10 things every day – or as many days as I can. 10 things that are shining moments through a rough day. It can be any small thing or any glimmer of hope or a huge accomplishment! Today I wrote about how I’m thankful to be doing 1000% better than I was a year ago. I’m grateful for a better job and better relationship. I’m so happy to have supportive people and an amazing future ahead of me.

I’m sure you’re grateful for something. So write it down and never forget it. Those little things are what make life worth living and we often overlook them. Don’t let the things you cherish the most slip away because you refuse to recognize them.