My Plan To Becoming More Present

My word for 2018 is present because I find myself struggling to be happy in the moments I’m in. I wrote a post a while back asking for advice and a lot of you offered really manageable tips for me to integrate in my life.

So here’s a few things I am going to try to do to become more present. I don’t want it to be September of 2018 when I realize I’m just starting to get the hang of it, it’s something I want to happen now and be able to maintain for the rest of my life.

  1. Continue with my gratitude journal.
    I got a little off track with this so I will be writing, daily, the things I am grateful for.
  2. Do one thing every day that forces me to unplug.
    I am on technology constantly. I want to spend at least a half hour every day reading, painting, cleaning, taking a bath, or doing something offline.
  3. Set an alarm on my phone that makes me stop and think about how I feel in the moment.
    I’m thinking around 3:30 every day (around the time I am crashing at work) I will have my alarm go off and I will analyze my senses and feelings. It takes just a second to remind myself to snap out of the day dreams and enjoy today.

So far, that’s my plan! I think incorporating little things every day will help me get into a more present mindset on a large scale. I’m open to more tips if you’d like to leave them in the comments!

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What Is It Like To Live In The Present?

I know a lot of people who live in the past. They are always talking about high school memories, posting #tbts, and generally just getting by on the life they already lived.

I tend to live in the future. I always want to know my next step, where I can go next, and planning for the years to come. I have a laundry list of things I want to do and I have to wait for time to pass to do them.

It makes living in the present really hard. I’m almost always worried about what’s to come. I enjoy moments, but day to day is nearly impossible. Every day is just a day closer to something I actually want to be doing. It makes life very tedious and repetitive.

What’s it like to live in the present? I know it’s not easy for most people, they either live in the past or in the future (like me) – or they do a mix of both! Which I am certainly guilty of sometimes. What is it like to enjoy the day you’re in without worrying about what you’ve done in the past and what you have yet to do in the future?

Some things that have helped to ground me are making lists of what I am grateful for that day. Another is making the most out of every day – but that really isn’t easy to do when you’re overtired from work and just want to lay in bed.

Do you have any tips on living in the present?

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6 More Things That Make Me A Happier Person

When you’re in a not-so-great place, it is not easy to find five things that will cheer you up. But as you grow, you begin to add to that list. You find more and more things that help put you in the direction you want to be in. The direction of happiness.

Here are five things that made me a happier person when I was a not so happy person. And here are six things that make me a happier person now that I am in a better place:

  1. Celebrating every little thing
    We accomplish things on a daily basis and those things should be recognized. You and the people you surround yourself should be proud of everything that you work for. So if you got a raise at work, or hit a goal you’ve been working towards, or just got out of bed today – pop a bottle of champagne because you deserve it.
  2. Writing down what I’m grateful for
    Every day I write 10 things I am grateful for in what I call my gratitude journal. Sometimes it’s not easy to come up with 10, sometimes it is. It really makes me reflect on the great things I have in my life.
  3. Picking up an activity that clears your mind
    This should be something you can do alone. Get a coloring book. Read a book. I recently started going to yoga classes, but now I can try and practice that alone at home as well.
  4. Setting achievable and reach goals
    Ever since I started writing down what I want to achieve, I started accomplishing more. It’s easy to accomplish something like “change my hair in the month of January” and I still feel the reward. It’s a little harder to accomplish things like “get a raise at work” but writing it down will get you there.
  5. Letting go of the things I can’t change for people
    I used to feel guilty, a lot, because I’m introverted and often just don’t enjoy going out every weekend or making non stop plans. I am starting to put things into perspective where that’s a part of me that doesn’t need to change and everyone just needs to accept it.
  6. A positive mindset
    It seems so simple, but we go into most things negatively whether we mean to or not. Do you want to be happier this year? Then think happy thoughts as often as you can.

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5 Things I’ve Learned From Keeping A Gratitude Journal

Almost every day, I try to write down 10 things in my journal that I am grateful for. This is what I’ve learned so far:

  1. It’s disappointing how hard it is to come up with 10 things
    Some days just feel like ordinary days or they feel like everything sucks. On those days, I find myself struggling to complete the list – but I always do.
  2. The little things are what count
    On a daily basis, big things don’t always happen. We can’t discredit the little things.
  3. Loved ones are a reoccurring theme.
    I almost always mention my loved ones in a list – they’re always worth appreciating.
  4. Gratitude doesn’t come easy.
    We are selfish beings, it’s hard to stop and remind ourselves that we wouldn’t be where we are without certain people or experiences.
  5. A journal can change your life.
    Just a little reminder everyday that every day is worth living is very key to being happy and to being successful.

Have you started a gratitude journal? It has done nothing but help me – you should give it a shot! 🙂

5 Ways To De-Stress At Work

Sometimes it seems like we spend more time at work than we do anywhere else. Therefore, it’s important to make your work space as comfortable as possible. Because when you’re getting stressed at work, you’re probably going to take it home with you. Here are 5 ways to de-stress:

  1. Decorate your office
    Whether it be a nice photo of you and someone who makes you happy or seasonal decorations, decorating your office can break up some monotony and put a smile on your face.
  2. Start a gratitude journal
    Go out and buy a little journal that makes you happy, then write anything you’re thankful for in it throughout the day to remind you to stop sweating the small and stressful stuff.
  3. Get organized
    Get a notepad for each project your working on, make a list, and start putting everything together. When you’re organized you can see everything right in front of you and become less stressed.
  4. Get out of the office
    Don’t eat your lunch in your cubicle,  go out and take a walk and take in a new sight to freshen up the work day.
  5. Don’t take it home with you
    When you’re putting on your jacket and grabbing your bag, leave behind the work stress that is weighing on you. You worked all day on it, you have all day tomorrow, you don’t need to bring it home with you.
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